Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day in the Park

I went to see Cut-N-Jump compete in her arena driving trials this Sunday.  Here are my favorite pictures of her, her pony Kat, and her hubby:

The salute at the beginning of a dressage trial. 

I think I know what CNJ was thinking here, but I won't repeat it.

A lucky shot between hazard trials. 

Preparing for a turn.

And here are some of my other favorite photos from the day:

 This little pony was a dynamo.

I fell in love this monster.  Just look at his size, and he had huge floppy happy ears to go along with his stature.

I liked getting action shops of the driver and rider shifting their weight to slide the carriage around corners, kicking up clouds of dirt as they went. 

Unique coloring.  The paint on this horse is like a watercolor, the way the edges are so undefined and blended in interesting ways.

I think this couple needed to win an award for best presentation.  I love the color burgundy, and the fact that they wore shirts that matched their carriage.

Puppy love means driving blind.  Hee hee.

These gals were all smiles.

Another couple of ladies having the time of their lives.

Sometimes it's the driver and rider's expressions that make the shot, other times it's the action or the composition.  It's difficult to get everything to come together since none of these pictures are posed.  I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, keeping a distance with my telephoto lens.

I couldn't believe how cool it was in the 60's.  If you sat in the shade, you needed a coat.  If you sat in the sun, you needed to move to the shade.  All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't get rid of all my coats before moving to Arizona.  I really appreciate that I was enjoying an outdoor horse competition in November instead of being barricaded in my house by snow, which is exactly what it has been doing where I used to live in Northern Nevada.


Reddunappy said...

What a fun show to attend!!

I envy the weather, but wont trade it for snakes!! LOL LOL

cindy said...

As I sit here huddled in my office with my work shirt- a heavy hoody- and my little space heater under my desk (and that is inside!) I can't help but notice how everyone is wearing light jakets and there is no white stuff on the ground. Gosh 60 degrees out, talk about making a girl homesick! :)

Those are fabulous Pics!
Just look at those little ponies go! You are right about that pain, I have never seen marking like that, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I will try to fill everyone in on who each of these people were...

#1-4 Me and pony man of course with hubby.
#5 If there is a photo with a number I can find out, otherwise no idea.
#6 Mary Jane Atonna driving her gelding Mack, Her husband Peter is the navigator and Club President
#7 Marcia Featherston driving her WB mare Diva, husband Kevin is her 'gator- later they switched and he drove his Hafie mare Dixie with Marcia as 'gator
#8 Sharan Godwin driving her mustang mare Callie, Toby is her 'gator
#9 Deb Hoffman driving her mare Pixie with her trainer Drew Callahan as 'gator. Their first outing in harness... Yay Deb!
#10 Jessie Zamboni driving Chilli Pepper- or trying to...
#11 Sheri Kalfas-Jaggers driving her gelding Treasure, not sure of the 'gators name ???
#12 Susan Beard driving Stuart Little again 'gator is ???

Cut-N-Jump said...

The little Pali with the blue cart is Kelly Millar-Talbot driving Trigger.

Laura said...

Great shots!! I like the selection of different horses! Driving does look like fun...

Jamethiel Crabb said...

Amazing shots! Really makes me miss combined driving...but at least I get to go ride an endurance horse tomorrow.
Thank you for sharing those with us!

sydney K said...

Wonderful! I wish there were more driving events around here I do miss showing a lot.

Crystal said...

That sure looks like a fun day!!! I love driving, but always thought drafts were it, but those ponies are adorable!

Marissa said...

Looks like fun!!

I really love that black and white paint! I don't know if I've ever seen a horse like that...Its not quite appy but not quite paint! Its so beautiful!

fernvalley01 said...

Great photos!! thanks for sharing! Wish I could have been there too , I was in spirit I guess!LOL
And Dang isn't Kat a gorgeous boy????

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I love driving! A group of my friends often invite me to come with them when they head out to the wide open prairie to drive their carts with their equines. It's such a blast!

I love how, in those photos, everyone is wearing helmets and they are all matching, often with helmet covers in bright, fun colors. Those are my kind of folks!

The dusting of snow we received on Saturday has already melted all gone and temps have warmed up into the mid-50s up here in the Central Mountains. Of course, just 20 minutes west of us, we can get warmed up fast down in the valley with temps in the upper 60s and low 70's.
We've got the best of both worlds here in New Mexico :)


Stacey said...

What a cool event! My farrier does that with one of her horses and I really want to go watch her next competition.

Cut-N-Jump said...

For anyone interested in getting involved in driving, look up the clubs in your area on the ADS, American Driving Society website. Look up the clubs website and their calendar and go from there. It is a LOT of fun and they allow any breed to compete, papers or not. The Arizona club has a total of 6 events each year, spread out over the state.

Nuzz mentioned it on my blog and forgot to here, but each of the competitors in our group thanks the volunteers as they exit the obstacle or arena. Our volunteers are also treated pretty well- food and drinks throughout the day and some events get you a t-shirt- because the organizers put a LOT into having the events and the entries all know it wouldn't happen without their help.

Vaquerogirl said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun! I'd love to have a pony and cart!

achieve1dream said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I want to try it someday when I can afford a cart and harness. :) Great pictures! I'm glad you had fun and nice weather.