Thursday, November 15, 2012


I don't know what is going on, but there has been a major influx of scheisters coming out of the woodwork this week.  First off, the same Anonymous person (probably a server) had left dozens of advertisements for drugs in comments on two particular posts I wrote in the distant past.  At first, I just moved the comments into my Spam folder since I'm moderating them.  But these obnoxious comments, which included all kinds of programming code for links, probably trying to spread a virus, kept coming.

So, I searched for the exact title of each of those posts that seemed to be targeted, I edited them, and in Options / Reader Comments I selected "Don't allow, show existing."  That seemed to do the trick.

Then today I got the most deplorable thing in the mail.  I cannot stand dishonesty and when a group of people in a company all support each other in being deceitful in order to fuel their greed for money that does not belong to them, I get really angry and disgusted.  When one person burgles a house, robs or mugs someone, it's easy to say that the person is bad or was desperate, but when a whole bunch of people get together and agree to rip off others in some sneaky way, it's difficult to comprehend.  Who the heck raised these animals?  Their parents should be ashamed.

This item came from:

DNS Services
4400 NE 77th Avenue, Suite 275
Vancouver, WA  98662-6857
(360) 529-5130

and was addressed to my business.  It was a bill that contained a statement date, company name, account number, and amount due.  It had account summary details and was charging me an annual fee for the domain name of my business website.

I paused.

I thought I was paying Google something like $10 a year for that domain name.  Did they sell that part of their business to this other company?

After having to deal with so many legal documents recently, I have learned to read the small print and read everything twice.  Sure enough, the statement said, "This is a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due.  You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer."

Huh?  Could have fooled me.  It literally says in one place that it is a statement and the payment is due upon receipt.

I guess by putting in that disclaimer, it makes what they are doing legal.  What is so stupid about this is why would I want to switch from paying $10 a year to $65 a year for the same service?

Fortunately, I am the sole proprietor to my company, so I know everything that is going on.  However, I can totally see some administrative assistant for a larger company receiving this bill and just paying it, because she doesn't know any better.  By paying it, she would be agreeing to transfer the maintenance of the domain name to this more expensive company.

This kind of deceitfulness is very intentional.  You can't accidentally pull this kind of scam.  So, I wanted to alert those of you out there who may be receiving this same mailing.  Don't let yourself get so busy that you just mindlessly pay bills, because you might just be paying for something that is not an existing service, and we certainly don't want to reward scheisters for their clever efforts in pulling the wool over our eyes.


Promise said...

My boyfriend got a similar "bill" in the mail (in addition to several phone calls) shortly after we got his website up and running. I don't recall seeing that fine print, but I told him it was not legit, and do not, under any circumstances, pay it...his site was already paid for.

I agree, very intentional, and targeting those who don't know any better, or don't know enough to ask questions. It's dirty.

fernvalley01 said...

I agree it is ridiculous.If these folks put as much effort into honest endeavors as they do crime, imagine what they could accomplish

Reddunappy said...

Oh Yeah! Same with those "checks" in the mail.
Good catch.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I have seen things like that. I always ask for 'proof in writing' where I signed up for this? Otherwise, yes, please send me something in writing because I will be taking it to the police station and filing a fraud report against the company. That usually puts them in their place and stops them in their tracks.