Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Puppies

Midge mongering the stuffed bunny we got the dogs for Christmas.  We won't let the dogs eat the real bunnies outside, so now they have the next best thing.  Note the bare feet in Arizona in December.  Thankfully, the scorpions are in hibernation along with the rattlesnakes.

Scrappy begging for a chicken tender.  He rarely plays with toys, so I knew he'd appreciate some food.

I got an after Christmas gift once my truck was available to pick it up.  Do you see it?  Yeah, there's some fresh hay there that will hopefully last us until April or May, but that's not it.

It's a huge Rubbermaid patio storage unit.  My husband suggested it since I've been struggling to climb in and out of the tack room.  At our old house we used the old spa room / photography studio for tack storage in addition to the tack room of our horse trailer, but we don't have any extra space in our new house since the home owner / real estate agent lied about the square footage.  Everything is crammed in the horse trailer tack room, and I literally have to move something to get to something else.  Plus I have had to keep locking the horse trailer because of strangers coming through our back yard.  I figured it would only get worse with everyone being off from work and school for the holidays.

One day two boys with guns came through.  They were probably B-B guns, but when I was growing up, the boys in my neighborhood shot at the neighbors' pets with their B-B guns, so I didn't want these boys anywhere near my horses.  My daughter and I went up the hill, painted over the old confusing sign and simply stenciled on the words "PRIVATE - KEEP OUT".  We wrote it big enough that people can see it from the street and not have to climb down part way to read the sign.  It also displays one of those metal NO TRESPASSING signs.  Now if anyone comes through, they will clearly know they are trespassing.

I knew the horseback riders were confused, because I overheard a group of them riding through the desert past my house while I was on the patio.  The man out front was struggling to keep his horse from running back to the barn, and he looked very uncomfortable -- something I can totally relate to.  The woman behind him was yelling, "Hey!  You were the one who wanted to come riding with us!  Stop complaining!"

(I'm so glad CNJ and Mikey didn't act that way with me.)  Then the third woman on horseback pointed at my house and asked if they could go through my yard or not.  The second woman yelled, "I don't know!  Let's just keep going and take the other way back."

So, that group found a new route, but many people are creatures of habit.  There are entry gates to the public land all over the place, but I've seen horseback riders ride all the way up my street to get to the gate in front of my house, even though there were other gates along the way.  I've also seen people trailer their horses to the gate in front of my house and park there since we changed the sign.  I think it's because that gate is much lower to the ground than some of the others I've seen, so the horses can step over it easier.

The other day my son and I were out hiking along an arroyo in the desert when I heard something coming toward us.  I said, "What's that noise?" and suddenly this man on horseback came galloping down into the arroyo with a dog in tow directly in front of us.  The horse galloped down a steep cliff and right back up the other side.  I would have thought the rider was in trouble, but he just yelled out, "How ya doin?"

He was pretty much gone before we could squeak out a reply.  I was in awe and said, "That man was an awesome rider."

Like my horse trailer, the new storage bin can be locked too, but since people have been going way around our property since we changed the sign, I'll just keep some less valuable items in it, keep it unlocked for a while, and see how it goes.  It's a pain to have to lock and unlock things to get to your stuff several times a day.

While researching outdoor storage bins, my husband liked this one because people said it lasts a long time.  One person said that his lasted years and never leaked.  Only after Hurricane Sandy did he have to replace it.

No more tripping over horse blankets, traffic cones and buckets to get to vet supplies and bridles.  Yay!  I'm a happy puppy too.


Reddunappy said...

Great solution to your storage problem!
Glad the signs are working!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hooray for extra storage!
My garage is my tack room most of the time, because our barn tack room is way up on a hill and when I ride with friends, it's just easier to get loaded when I keep my saddle and gear down here at the house.
Is the square footage of your home a lot less than what your real estate agent told you, or it was listed as? From the photos you posted of your house, it looks very spacious.

How's your hay barn working out? I noticed the tarp over the hay. Is that necessary? I remember you mentioning that having a fully enclosed hay barn wasn't needed. Have you found that not to be true?

Here in New Mexico, our winds tend to blow rain and snow sideways, so we must have our hay fully protected.

Good to hear the signs are doing their job! :)


fernvalley01 said...

Yay for a wise and caring hubby

Mikey said...

Very cool! Love seeing the happy pups :)
Love your new storage, good place for it. We had a Tuff Shed once, but a microburst hit our place and what was left were splinters. It was insane. (took part of our roof too) But yours looks like it should be safe right there.
Rough week here, I saw your comment on BEC, so you know. We're fresh from seeing Cavalia yesterday, so I'm hoping this week turns out better.
I'll actually be down your way in the following weekends. Wade is running a roping in Chandler, so you never know, I might be begging you to come ride with me!!