Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Jackalope Has Struck Again

I took an extra long walk out in the desert this morning, and had multiple jackalope sightings.  Of course, it blazed past so fast that I couldn't lift my camera to my eye before it was gone.  But I'd swear that thing is bigger than my Corgi Midge, and it was stalking me.  It ran in front of me several times as I walked in a large loop covering three miles.  Here are some pictures I did get:

BIG hoof print with horse shoe.

Little pony print.

What looks like a Mr. Magoo doll with his Hawaiian shirt pulled up, Bermuda shorts pulled down, and right arm chewed off.  How bizarre is that?  Looks like something my brother would do to one of my dolls.

I'll bet this person had a hard time hiking home.  I found an Old Mac horse boot on one of my hikes when I didn't have my camera.  I picked it up to see if I could recycle it, because Bombay ruined one of my Old Macs in one of his trailer panic attacks, but the boot in the desert looked like it was for a draft horse.


Cindy D. said...

Thank you for the lovely pics and for making me terribly homesick! LOL
Can't say I miss the cholla cactus, or the appliances in the desert, but the mountains...oh yes!
I get to go home for Christmas though, and I am very excited about that!

Cut-N-Jump said...

One thing about the Sups- (Superstition Mtns.) you will never see them the same way twice. Be it in person or photo's, they always have a different look to them and are always gorgeous.

Breathe said...

Thanks for the walk. These day I miss the desert, especially the tingle sweet smell of mesquite.

Sam said...

LOL - I think that big hoof print belongs to my mare - we ride in that area.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sam - What kind of horse is your mare? I looked at your blogs and was thinking I could use your help in getting Scrappy's toenails clipped. I've been clipping them one at a time, but only when he's sleeping, because otherwise as soon as he sees the clippers, he heads for the hills. I might just take him to the vet and have them sedate him just to get one good toenail clipping job in all at once. I hope to run into you sometime out in the desert.

achieve1dream said...

Great photos! I love the hoof print ones. :)