Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Day, Another Walk

Two giant steps forward, one step back.  This morning I walked Bombay by myself for about a mile in the desert.  He was great on the way out, walking on a loose lead, giving me my space, walking at my pace, etc.  My only criticism was that he kept craning his neck to look around and try to figure out where home was.

We reached the arroyo, and he instantly tensed up, stopped and tried to turn back.  All I could figure out was that he smelled the coyotes that use the arroyo as their highway.  I forced him to walk through it with me, and he alternated between pulling back and pulling ahead.  Then he spotted this open area where Cut-N-Jump and I turned back that one day when he lost it, tried to run off with me, and then tried to buck me off when I held him back.  He got very nervous, so I walked him along the same path we took that day, and he tried to bolt for home again.

I stopped him and made him just stand and look around.  After a while I gave him a treat and started walking for home, hoping that the treat would remind him to hang loose so he can get more.  But he pretty much pulled me all the way home, so he got nothing other than a few whacks on the chest to remind him that he's getting too far ahead.  He wasn't dragging me like he has on some walks, but there was tension on the rope.

He stepped on a rock and came up lame.  I thought the limping would slow him down, but it didn't.  He just limped really fast.  When we got home I picked out his hooves and discovered that he had thrush, flaps of frog that were bending forwards and backwards, but not coming off easily, which probably felt somewhat like a hangnail to him.  He also had a hard lump the size of a marble on his sole.  Could that be an abscess forming?  He's walking normal now, and abscesses usually cause a lot of pain.  I really hope it's nothing, because I'm on a roll getting him used to going off the property every day and if I have to stop because of yet another health issue, that will be very discouraging.


Reddunappy said...

Hope he is just shedding his frog. they do that a couple times a year.
The lump! I hope is not an abscess! Ug!

You have great patience! ;o)

achieve1dream said...

I'm not sure about the lump... maybe an old abscess growing out? If he's not limping anymore I doubt it's a new one brewing.

I'm glad he's doing so much better. :D What kind of halter are you using? Do you think a rope halter or stud chain might help with the dragging? I don't typically like to use them, but I also worry about him getting loose out there if he does drag you or something. Anyway just a thought, please be careful!