Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pictures of Walking with Bombay

Happy to be out on his morning walk.  Cute as can be.

But then... he always must stop to smell the roses.  At least he only sniffed the horse manure.  If he started sniffing the dog poop I was going to vomit... probably giving him one more gross thing to sniff.

Checkin' out the shrubs to see if they make good grubs.  Usually not.

The girls are calling him back home.  This is why I have to keep reminding him to give me at least one eye and one ear.

He found a stick to entertain himself while I took pictures.

These fallen sign posts are all over the place.  When he's not paying attention and we stumble upon one of these, he jumps a foot or so straight up in the air.

Bombay compares the height of his ears to the height of a saguaro.

Can we go home now?

No!  And stop barging ahead or I'll back you down the trail away from home.

Just enjoy the view, Bombay.

Oh oh, home is in sight.  Time to do his best giraffe imitation.

Gabbrielle greeted him, but he looked back at the trail as if he wanted to go out again.

Then sleep overtook him and I had to wake him up to get him back in the barn.


~Allison said...


Anonymous said...

I am so proud to read the progress you two are making, keep it up, a ride is in the future.

Christie said...

Very cute picture diary of your walk!

Cheryl Ann said...

He's so cute! I enjoy reading about his progress.

Paint Girl said...

He is so adorable. Looks like he is making progress! I am sure he will soon look forward to his daily walks!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like the walks are very much improving. Bombay seems to be enjoying the walks, too. Great photos :)

Have you ever considered using a rope halter to lead your horses? I never use web halters anymore, because the rope halters are so much safer for leading. When I first got Apache, she used to have some bad habits when being led...trying to run in front of me, running circles around me, etc.
All those problems went away when I started using rope halters. I am able to use less muscle to get her attention with the rope halter and she never pulls back because it's uncomfortable.
I also like the rope halters because I think they look more attractive on a horse and allow more of their face to be seen and don't look so bulky. They also don't fade like web halters do either.

What Rick Gore says about them:

A good article about rope vs web halters:


fernvalley01 said...

fun pics must be going better if you could take some photos

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - My trainer used her rope halter on him when she came for the first lesson, and he was very responsive. We used the nylon halter on him for the second lesson and it required a lot more muscle. Gabbrielle was trained on a rope halter, and despite being in a nylon halter now, she's the lightest on the lead. So, I have it on my list to get a rope halter. I just have to remember the next time I'm in town.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's great. I was worried about mentioning the rope halters, because I figured you had already tried them, and might get annoyed with me. ;)

The rope halter I use on Apache is stiff rope. The soft rope halters don't seem to speak as clearly to some horses.

You're a great Horse mama.....and I agree that first photo of Bombay is very cute! :)


achieve1dream said...

He is SOOOOO adorable!!!! I love him. He reminds me of Chrome so much sometimes, especially with the stick hehehehe. :D I love the pictures. So happy things are getting so much better.