Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day at the Driving Trials

This past Saturday Cut-N-Jump's pony diving club came my way and put on a competition at the fairgrounds just down the street from me.  I gathered my camera equipment and raced out the door to try to catch her in her first class.  I found her hooking up her trusty steed Kat to his carriage.  Cut-N-Jump is one tough cookie.  She recently obtained a painful injury doing yoga that makes it uncomfortable for her to do just about anything, but that didn't stop her from competing.  Here she is saluting the judges at the start of one class.

Around and around the cones they go...

You'll have to wait for her report on how she did, because I still don't have a clue about the sport.  I just take pictures.  Plus it's her story to tell.

The morning got colder as it progressed.  I've been spoiled by these wonderful 70-degree days all winter, so I wasn't prepared for this cold snap.  My fingers and ears felt like they were going to fall off, so I went home, ate lunch, and returned in the afternoon with a heavier coat, gloves, and the winter cap that Lisa of Laughing Orca Ranch made for me years ago.  Cut-N-Jump's navigator joined her on board in the afternoon trials.  You can see they are bundled up too.

A picture of the backdrop where competitors warmed up their ponies and horses...

Some other fun pics from the day...

I had to cut my photo shoot short because it started raining and I hadn't brought a plastic bag to cover my camera.  Right when I was leaving, a team of four horses was headed out in the rain to compete.  It's raining again today and my horses are bundled in their blankets in their stalls.


Cut-N-Jump said...

In the 8th photo, the bay mare with the driver wearing the tan coat, 'gator wearing the blue coat-

some of you who used to post on Fugly back in the days of old, might remember this one... She is one of us and known as 'the farmers wife'. Often speaking of her fire breathing Morgans and Nationals in OKC!

The four-in-hand is Frank Pitts with his TB/Perch crosses. They were fun to watch! I wish you could have gotten photo's, it was only sprinkling then...

Cut-N-Jump said...

Photo one is heading into cones, Saluting judge & course designer Jim Erbacher. He judges from the bed of his truck.

Pic two & three- I go from a long sleeve tee, a regular tee and a sweatshirt to adding a coat over it all and my daughter Robin as my 'gator. She was glad I had extra sweatshirts, coats and gloves in the truck.

Pic 4 with the backdrop of the Superstition Mountains. You can see my friend Sharan and her mare Callie in the baackground.

pic 5- Bill Deeny from CA with Patina J Don, one of his pair of Andalusian/Paint crosses.

pic 6- Jesse Zamboni driving her mini Chili Pepper

Pic 7- I have no idea

Pic 8- Liz Goldman driving her mare Festival Fanfare or Fancy, her trainer Drew Callahan is the 'gator.

Pic 9- No idea, but I liked watching them go.

Pic 10- Ron Souza driving Cocoa

Pic 11- Kevin Featherston driving Dixie and Carbon

Reddunappy said...

What a cute pony Cut-N-jump has!!

Fun event to watch! Love it.

achieve1dream said...

Those are fantastic photos!!!! I love them!

What is the temperature? I didn't think it got cold enough to blanket horses or freeze fingers lol. :)