Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking Stock of the Goods

I totally forgot that the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is one of the best places to buy horse supplies and tack at sale prices.  Schneider Saddlery had a huge tent set up there, so I went in to get some new splint boots for Lostine and came out with much more.  I kept looking around and remembering things I should be replacing.

Lostine wears small splint boots for leg support, and the Velcro on her old ones was wearing thin and losing its stick.  First I looked for small boots in her favorite color purple, but they were all size medium.  Then looked for a small in the burgundy stack, but found nothing but mediums there too.  A salesman walked up from behind me and said, "They are all the same, you know."

I said, "The same SIZE?  Why would you only stock one size?  My horse needs small and these are all mediums."

He found a small in black, so I took it.  This was the third place I had looked around town for size small splint boots and I wasn't about to fuss over the color.

I also remembered that one of my bridles has a bit that is too small for all the horses now.  I used it when they were two and three year olds while ground driving.  My trainer said that she prefers to use french link full cheek snaffle bits, and I didn't have one in my tack room, so I picked up one of those.  They only had two left and they were both 5".  I couldn't remember exactly which size fits my horses best, but was pretty sure it was either 5" or 5 and 1/4", so I bought it.  It turned out to fit all three horses perfectly.  Yes, I made them all try it on when I got home.

I have two rope halters, but one has a really short lead rope attached to it.  My trainer prefers the 10' ropes for ground work.  I like lead ropes that have the leather tassels on the end, but Bombay managed to chew one of the tassels off my favorite rope, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get another 10' rope, but the only ones with leather tassels on the end were black.  I guess I was fated to buy everything in silver and black on this shopping trip.

I've also been having problems with Lostine's cinch.  It's too long and touches the saddle on both sides.  It's also too slippery and causes her to sweat a lot.  It just has a flat neoprene bottom that is starting to crack.  I couldn't remember what size I already had and wanted to make sure I got one size smaller.  I held up one for my husband to see and asked if he thought it would be the right size.  He said it looked too long, so I got one size smaller.  Then I had second thoughts about the type I was buying.

You see, I don't like the wool-like lining on cinches, because if it touches the ground, it picks up burrs and dirt and is hard to clean.  I don't like flat neoprene because it causes sweating and get slippery, thus causing the saddle to slide down.  So, I found this AirFlex girth by Weaver that has patented airflow channels.  It touts the following features:

  • Maximum breathability and flexibility
  • Cool Flex Foam won't absorb heat
  • Padded Flex edges for extra cushioning
  • Equal Pull Design offers maximum equine comfort

My husband felt that it had the best design.  I was hesitant to get it because I thought the little pillows might pinch the skin, but I could see how the air flow channels would keep the horse cooler.  I thought it might even grip better to prevent slipping, so I took my chances on it.  I'll let you know how it went when I have a chance to ride with it.

It turned out that the size my husband helped me pick out was exactly what I needed.  If I had bought the first size I pulled off the rack, it would have been the same length as the one I have that's already too long.  I'm rather amazed because this is the first time I shopped via intuition rather than research and didn't totally botch everything so that I had to exchange my purchases.  


Dreaming said...

Oh, what fun! New horse things - always a great day!

Sam said...

We were at the show on Friday - it is my husband's favorite show because none of the tack fits my Friesians! LOL - he doesn't have to worry about spending money.


achieve1dream said...

Yay!! New horse stuff!! :D I'm glad you found everything you needed for a good price. I'm curious to hear how you like the girth.

Paint Girl said...

Too bad I am not working the show this year or I could have met up with you! I love shopping at the Scottsdale show, but all my shopping was for me. Jeans, t-shirts, jackets, gloves etc. All the shopping I did at Schneider's was for the farm!!
Looks like you found some good stuff. I also can't wait to see how you like the new cinch. I have heard different things and I can't use the neoprene cinches on Brandy anymore. She gets welts from that kind now, so I had to switch to fleece. But I don't have to worry about burrs here, just mud!

Laura said...

Nice to get some loot! Good thing there are no big shows/expos near me or I would be buying stuff all the time! lol

I've seen those girths before - I'm interested to hear how you like it...

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a successful trip. good eye hubby!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love the French link bits.
They are very gentle bits.
My Apache mare is very comfortable in hers, a Korsteel Hunter D Copper French Link bit, like this one:


allhorsestuff said...

Good job!!
You got mostly all my favorites. Mine wears 5 inch also. Small TB mouth.Did you think to get the " keepers"?? Sometimes they are hard to find, but worth not having an accident with the mouth.

I adore colors in horse track...but my sister says," you're horse is the beautiful Color, why try to drown her out? So I usually get brown, black, white, cream....but I'll always wear RED/WHITE/ BLUE!

Have you ever considered the "Cashel Western converter"? I find that girthing up an English girth, more forgiving, and there's
WAY MORE choices.