Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'll tell ya, I sure wish life would stop getting in the way of me living my life.  For several months now, I have been spared having to suffer through anymore of these frantic episodes where I've got way too much to do with all of these unexpected problems and obstacles flying at me from all directions at the same time.  When life gets like that, I feel like a contestant on Wipeout, trying to conquer a nearly impossible obstacle while clown bakers are squirting me with syrup and throwing foam pancakes at me, and other contestants are running up from behind me, bumping into me and throwing me off balance.

The past few days have been crazy, with everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong.  Everything technical and electrical disagrees with me.  And, in the midst of all of this, I get to deal with PMS and taxes.  It just doesn't get any better than this.

So, while I was running around trying to collect paperwork for my tax accountant and making very little progress, I was fretting over today's trail ride with my trainer.  After all, if everything is going wrong everywhere else in my life, why should it get any better once I'm on the back of a horse?

I haven't ridden since the five-hour trail ride, because my Achilles Heel on each foot was so sore and strained from riding with heels down and having to keep my weight in the stirrups, as instructed, on the hills.  My homework was to work on Gabbrielle's collection, but I never got to do that.  Up until this evening, I hadn't even been picking up manure and keeping the water troughs clean because I've been buried in paperwork.

Anyway, I wasn't going to back out of today's trail ride since I had an appointment for it.  I knew that my trainer wouldn't accept me being in another bad luck rut as a reason to avoid riding.  Still, I didn't get a good feeling about being five feet off the ground on an unpredictable animal with everything else going haywire.  Just in the few days I've been too busy and sore to work with the horses, they've reverted to a wild state. Ironically, my trainer called and cancelled because she got into a wreck on someone else's horse.  She's okay, but sore and suffering from whiplash.

That cancellation gave me a chance to finish gathering tax forms and fulfill some photography orders.  While I was working in my office I saw a deputy drive past followed by some unmarked utility truck.  They went down to the house at the end of the street where all the crazy drivers live.  Literally, everyone in that house races up and down our street going twice the speed limit multiple times a day.  There's a blind hill coming up from their house, so I'm always worried they might take me by surprise and hit me while I'm riding a horse across the street.  They have a dozen or so vehicles and I don't know how many people actually living there, but it's an active place.

Anyway, while the cop and utility worker were down there, the owner of the house came along in his pick up truck, spotted them at his house, slammed on the brakes and pulled a U-turn.  He raced past my house in the opposite direction, obviously trying to escape being spotted by the cop.  A short time later the deputy and utility truck drove past.  A couple of minutes after that the homeowner returned driving suspiciously slow, sneaking along, pausing at the top of the hill to peer down and see if the cop was still there.  With the coast being clear, he went home.  Now I'm worrying what that was all about.  Did he just steal some cable TV or is he a threat to my family?

When we were out on that guided trail ride, I asked the trail boss if he's ever needed to use his firearm while on a trail ride.  He said he hadn't, but there have been plenty of times when he was glad he had it.  He said he's more worried about the people he runs into than rattlesnakes or mountain lions.  You just never know what people are up to.

I'm hoping things will calm down once I make it through this week so I can get back to doing the things I enjoy with confidence that the ground isn't going to open up beneath me and swallow me whole.


Cheryl Ann said...

HA~It's Dr. Seuss week at school. We've had "crazy hat day" and tomorrow is "crazy sock day"...you can just IMAGINE what the kids are like!...shaking head...I need 3 glasses of wine tonight!

fernvalley01 said...

sorry you had a rough week, hope things are better soon

Shai said...

I know you probably don't have time for the time-suck that is Pinterest but there are a lot of great organization ideas on that site.

One of the things I saw was organizing mail when you get it. So flyers & whatnot go to recycle/trash, bills go in an accordion folder with the date it needs to be paid on, etc.

During the year I file all my tax related things in one folder. It might not be the most organized folder but everything I need for taxes is in one spot. Might also want to put a reminder in your phone or other calendar program to beep at you two weeks prior to needing to have your paperwork together.

My memory is fairly bad, so my reminders really help me out when I NEED to remember something like an appointment or paperwork needs to be done or when to eat. You can get so caught up in doing a task that you don't realize 4 hours has gone by since you last fed yourself.

Good luck!

achieve1dream said...

Just remember you got there once and you can get back I promise. :) Each time it gets easier and easier too.

And Shai thanks for those tips! Great ideas. :) I might have to try them. I am sooooo unorganized from the move and can't find anything lol.