Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looky What I Made

When my husband and I went trail riding with a local stable, I brought my horn bag so that I could carry my water, snacks and camera, but the guide switched my horn bag out with a couple of denim bags strung together that laid over the horse's withers.

Now that it is heating up, I need to bring a bottle of water or two when I hand-walk the horses in the desert. I don't bring the saddle on those walks, and I wanted something to carry my things that doesn't require tack to stay balanced and secure.  So, I found some thick material in my fabric stash and sewed one of those handy-dandy wither bags myself.

It's one of those things that's been on my To Do List for way too long now, so I planted my butt in front of the sewing machine and didn't leave until the project was done.  I can adjust the string to different lengths, lay it across their withers or their back.  Next time I try out some new equipment on the horses, though, I'm not going to do it right before lunch.  They were grumpy and unwilling models...

...and everyone kept trying to break into the bags because they thought they might hold treats, which increased the irritability level.  The horses should know not to ever get into Lostine's space if there is even a remote chance that food might be involved.

Gabbrielle:  Give those to me.  I want them. 

Gabbrielle:  They're mine now.  Stay away.  I am the honored and privileged holder of the bags now.

Bombay:  Relax, will ya?  I just want to get in the picture.  *wink*

Bombay:  Oh, and I'd like one of those treats in the bags hanging over your back, please.
Gabbrielle:  Ask me in your next lifetime, Dude.  I'm busy doing a very important job here.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very nicely done. But how do they stay on if the horse spooks or turns quickly, etc? Can you tie it to the horse's mane? Or clip it on so it doesn't fall off?
Why did the wrangler switch out your horn bag? I love my spacious horn bags and love being able to keep them open so I can access everything I need. I would have been irritable if the guy had tried to switch mine out for those tie up bags. Looks like it would require two hands to remove anything from the bags. And that would be a problem.

Love the photos of your horses modeling the bags, though. What a bunch of characters. lol!


Cindy D. said...

Those are pretty cool.

How funny that they are fighting over them. Silly Ponies.

Katharine Swan said...

Also, what about if you remove a water bottle from one side to take a drink -- does it fall off the other side? Or, like Lisa said, do you have it tied or clipped to the horse somehow?

achieve1dream said...

Those are awesome!!! You should share how you made them. I totally want to make some. :D I love all of their expressions lol.