Monday, May 27, 2013

Holiday Weekends

My lousy luck still holds true for holiday weekends.  If you've been reading my blog a while, you know that I can't stand holidays.  First off, when I was working full-time, I never got holidays off anyway.  I always had to work, with made me all the more bitter toward them.  It was especially hard to take because my office was in a tourist town and I had to drive past all the people at the beach, people hauling boats, people bicycling, people hiking, and people skiing on my way to work and home on those holidays.  The other thing that always happens on holidays is that people, horses and dogs always manage to get injured or sick when all doctors and vets are on call and you have to pay emergency or off-hours fees.

Our first close call came when Scrappy climbed up high and got a hold of a bag of trail mix containing chocolate candies.  He chewed a hole through the bag while we were gone for several hours, and then vomited chocolate all over the carpet.  He's fine now, but the carpet needs to be replaced.  I've sprayed it, scrubbed it, and steam vacced it multiple times and the stains just won't come out.  I don't need any lectures on chocolate poisoning in dogs -- I'm very well versed on it, but if you have any remedies to get regurgitated chocolate stains out, let me know.

The next big fiasco happened when Rock strolled up to Bombay's stall to greet him, and Bombay kicked the metal railings.  He was standing on three legs, tucking the hurting leg way up underneath him.  The hurting leg was shaking, so I knew his pain had to be pretty intense.  I administered Bute before I even assessed the injury.  Luckily, he just took the skin off in several places, but didn't get any swelling.  I cleaned up the wounds, but the flies were merciless, so I wrapped his leg up in the most humiliating color I could find to punish him for being so foolish.  It looks a lot worse than it is.  He's running all over the place and moving fine.  I just have to keep it covered to prevent infection.

Then Gabbrielle decided that since Bombay wouldn't kick at Rock anymore, she'd take over with that role, and she kicked the railing to Rock's stall and started limping around.  I said, "It hurts, doesn't it?  Now, don't be stupid enough to do it again."  She's walking fine now, but that was two more close calls, only this time with horse legs.

This next one is the most outrageous.  No sooner had we come inside after dressing Bombay's wounds and my husband said, "Rock is in trouble."

We ran outside, and he had managed to turn his feed trough upside down, punch a hole right through the bottom of it and then get his leg stuck.  He wasn't panicked at all.  He was just walking around, trying to shake this huge plastic tub off his leg.  It was kind of comical.  My husband pulled it off his leg, and then we had to drive around town looking for a livestock supply store that would be open on a holiday to find a better replacement for his food trough -- something that he can't destroy or get into trouble with.

Or so we thought.  I believe he cut his tongue on the edge of the barrel opening.  One minute he was chewing on it and the next minute he was sticking his tongue out of his mouth over and over.  I didn't see any blood.  He licked my hand and didn't leave any blood behind, so I suspect it was more like a paper cut that wasn't very deep.

I suppose we were fortunate to not have to call a vet after all those accidents, but when I found the horses finally getting along, sniffing noses over the fence without fighting, I convinced myself not to risk any more trouble by letting Rock out to roam with the herd until after the holiday.

We've been making sure that Rock gets plenty of exercise by taking him for hand walks and lunging him several times a day.  The other three horses have started calling out when we take Rock away, so I know it shouldn't be much longer before they will totally accept him into their herd.


Marissa Rose said...

Hahaha, this entire post was pretty comical. Glad all the animals are not badly hurt! I love it when horses act like 'well, that was stupid of me, this hurts, I promise I won't do it again'

gowestferalwoman said...

Rock is a good looking fellow!

and I hate to tell you this - but our vet. Dr. randy, stopped by to draw a coggins for Ebony and give annual vacs, on his way to check some bulls, at regular price.. yes, there is no such thing as a holiday in ranching territory... ;)

Reddunappy said...

Silly horses!!

Did you see my post about Emma not recognizing Mickey with a blanket on! Sheesh!

Glad all will be OK.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Reddunappy - I did see the post. ;)

achieve1dream said...

Good grief!!! I'm glad everyone is okay! I don't know what to do about the chocolate stains. :(

fernvalley01 said...

seems that old adage that horses are born looking for a place to die , or at least injure them self holds as true at your place as it does at mine