Friday, May 10, 2013

Just the Two of Us

Fridays are tough, because I want to ride my horses before the neighborhood gets nutty over the weekend, but that's my husband's weekday off from work and I want to let him sleep in. He wakes up super early most mornings, so he really needs those days when he can sleep in. Our shower is just a few feet from our bed without any door between the two rooms to cut out the noise of the water running. I may have to just keep a supply of stuff I need to shower with in the guest bathroom and clean up there so that I can get out early to beat the heat.

When I got out of the shower this morning I heard my phone ringing, but missed the call. Voicemail revealed that it was my dogs' vet calling about Midge's lab results for her diabetes. I called him back right away, but just missed him, which meant having to wait for him to call me back. The receptionist asked if there was any time better than another for him to call. I said no.

I immediately regretted saying that, because I had totally forgotten that I was going for a trail ride in a few minutes. Now I felt like I had to cancel my ride and sit around waiting for the vet to call, because I'm not totally confident that I can talk on the phone and ride a horse at the same time. I have to stay alert when we are in motion to watch for rattlesnakes, and my horses aren't good about standing still and waiting for me to finish talking on a phone. I told my husband my quandary, and he told me to just go. If the vet calls back while I'm riding, I can try to answer the phone, and if I can't, he can call back another time.

While tacking up Lostine, it suddenly hit me that I still hadn't figured out how to set up my new phone so that I can answer it by pushing the power button. I still have way too many steps I have to go through to answer my phone, and it is impossible to do all of them when there is a glare shining on the screen when I'm outdoors. I wouldn't be able to answer the phone anyway. Oh well, I already had my horse saddled, so I was going on a ride no matter what. Waiting for phone calls is the bane of my existence. I'm glad I went, because the vet didn't return my call at that time anyway.

While out on the trails I spotted this...

It looks like something that fell off a bike, backpack or saddle.  I was thinking it might be a water bottle holder, which I could use, but if it is one of those, it would have to be for a specific bottle that has a ledge near the top.  I contemplated dismounting to examine it closer, but was too lazy to go look for a place where I could mount again.  If you live locally and recognize this as yours, it is on the second trail to the west of the telephone poles.

I remembered to put the Old Mac boots on Lostine before the trail ride this time.  I noticed that little tiny pebbles have been getting wedged underneath her hoof wall and I can't dig them out, so I put the boots on to prevent more pebbles from wedging themselves in there.  Lostine moved faster and did not trip over rocks, so the cushioning did seem to benefit her.  However, she did keep stopping to itch.  When we got home I discovered why...

The boots picked up a lot of stickers.  I also made the mistake of letting the lead rope touch the ground for one second and it came up loaded with stickers.  These things hurt when you touch them, so I'll have to put on gloves and scrape them off with a comb.

Itchy, itchy, scratchy, pokey.

Lostine did a couple of surprising things on this trail ride.  She stopped to pee while I was on her back.  That's a rarity.  She also tried turning back to stay on the trails when we were headed for home, as if saying that she was having a good time and wasn't ready to go home yet.  That's even rarer for her to do.  She's a lot like me in that she appreciates her alone time.  I think the other horses bug her, so instead of being herd bound, she now enjoys getting away from the herd and finally feels safe with me in the driver's seat.  I find it so odd that my alpha mare trusts and respects me as a rider, but the two less dominant horses don't trust and respect me as a rider 100% of the time.  I wish they'd take notes from Lostine.


Cindy D. said...

perhaps that is because she is a more confident horse all together? Having you with confidence just sealed the deal for her.

ellie k said...

It is so wonderful to hear that you can just go ride if you want too, you sure deserve this after tha last few years of nosy neighbors. Love reading our blog. Ellie

SheMovedtoTexas said...

That's cool that she wanted to go back out for more fun!

Paint Girl said...

That is funny that you said you thought she wanted to stay out for a ride. Brandy, even with her spookiness and insecurity, would always do that when I was trail riding. Most horses speed up when they know they are almost home or back to the trail head, but she would walk way slower then the rest of the ride and kept trying to turn around. As if she wanted to stay out! I am hoping that is what she wanted to do.
Sounds like you had a really good ride, except for the stickers!!

achieve1dream said...

Aww that's sucks about the stickers, because the boots do seem to make a difference for her! Do the stickers last all year round?

I'm glad you're still getting to go on early morning rides!! That's awesome. And that Lostine is being such a good girl. :D

Let us know about Midge please. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

achieve1dream - Fortunately, the stickers only last for 2 or 3 months. It turned out that Midge just needed her insulin dose lowered a tad. I couldn't tell by her behavior. The lab results had to reveal that.

Unfortunately, because the dosage we had been giving her wasn't perfect, now we have to send hundreds of dollars letting our control-freak vet keep her overnight to monitor it. If we make any mistake with our dogs, he acts like he's the animal police and has the right to take control of their care and charge us exorbitant fees.

I really need to find a better vet who will be flexible and trust that I'm doing the best I can. This current vet keeps calling me right when I'm booked up with my own medical appointments and he expects me to drop everything and bring her in for him to do a random check up, even though I didn't report that anything was wrong with her. It's really annoying. Some preventative care is just over the top.

achieve1dream said...

Aww sorry about Midge. It is sooooo hard to find a good vet! So frustrating. I hope you can find someone who is more reasonable. I'm glad Midge is doing okay. I hope they can get her insulin stable quickly.