Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

Most of the day has been spent trying to get my three Arabian horses to accept their new roommate.  With the help of my husband and P.S., we took Rock for a hand-walk out in the desert.  He has a tendency to lean on people when they lead him and to get ahead of the person, so we spent some time teaching him the proper distance with which to walk beside a person.  That horse weighs a lot, and he does not move off pressure the way my Arabs do.  We ran into a couple on horseback who stopped to talk.  Rock was definitely excited to see other horses, but his way of showing excitement is to just lift his head up and stand taller.  That's a lot better than running circles around me or doing a dance on my toes.

We've been doing ground work with all the horses and letting them visit with Rock over the fence as long as no one starts kicking, rearing, striking or squealing.  Then we have to break it up.  We let the three amigos out for a few hours and leave Rock in his stall, and then switch their positions.  Lostine is the only horse I trust with him so far.

I was standing in the barn with Rock when one of those freak dust devils came whirling down the driveway.  Lostine, Bombay and Gabbrielle saw it coming and ran off.  I was going to make a run for it myself, but then realized that wasn't fair to leave Rock in its path.  He had nowhere to go because he was stuck in his stall.  I decided to stay in case he had a meltdown and I had to open the gate to cut him loose.

The whole barn started shaking, I turned my back to the wind, crouched down, squeezed my eyes shut, and it hit me square on.  I could feel pins being thrown into my skin and thought it was sand and rocks.  After it passed through I looked up and realized that Rock just stood there like a rock.  The back of my shirt and my hair were completely covered in stickers.  There were stickers inside my shirt and down my pants.  It took me half an hour to pluck out every single thorn and brush all the stickers off Rock.

Never again will I put myself in the path of one of those things.  The horses are going to be on their own.


Crystal said...

Yikes, get out of there when they hit that sounds painful! But rock can apperently take them without freaking out, which is nice to know too, he sounds even better today.

achieve1dream said...

Awww I'm sure Rock was happy you stayed with him, but ouch I don't blame you for abandoning him the next time LOL! That sounds awful. I love that Rock stood like a rock though LOL! Please get pictures when you turn them all out together please please please!!! :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

Rock does sound rock solid. And ouch I'd head for the house next time.

Cheryl Ann said...

Rock sounds like an incredible horse! I've been through one of those dust devils in my car, but never in person...sounds awful!
Cheryl Ann~~

fernvalley01 said...

Ouch! Glad Rock lived up to name

Reddunappy said...

I love love love my stock horses!!! Emma is good like that!