Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stick a Fork in Me

Alrighty.  Who made the voodoo doll of me and is sticking forks in it?  So, I walked outside to find that someone bit Rock and took a chunk out of his side.  The wound was covered in flies and they were crawling under his skin.  More vet work from me.  Lots of Betadine and Swat.  Can you believe that one of the local horse supply stores has never heard of Swat and doesn't stock it?  The guy tried to sell me Pyranha, claiming it was the best to kill and repel flies.  I said I needed Swat because it was a fly deterrent in salve form that I could put around wounds without spraying it on them.  Then he tried to sell me Vetricyn.  I said I didn't know Vetricyn could keep away flies.  He said it couldn't.  I said all the more reason why his store should stock Swat.  I did find it elsewhere.

Then the insurance adjuster called, but I couldn't hear the phone ring over the noise of all the fans drying out the framework in the kitchen.  I called him back and he seemed to be doing everything in his power to get me to say something that would disqualify my coverage.  It seems that if the water leak was more than two weeks old, the insurance company won't cover it.  They only cover sudden water damage, but not water damage by floods or slow leaks that result in mold.  That's a pretty narrow window.

I told him I wasn't a scientist, so I couldn't tell him how long the water damage had been going on.  I could tell him that when the plumber turned on the water, it was flowing down the pipe.  It wasn't dripping, but it wasn't a geyser either.  He decided that we did qualify for the coverage, but I won't be surprised if another representative calls to double check his work and drill me again on the specifics to try to weasel out of taking responsibility for helping us in our crisis.  You'd think that all that money we've been paying them in monthly installments over the past 25 years would amount to something.  I'm sure we've paid the insurance company more than what these repairs will cost.

Plus there have been plenty of times when I should have put in a claim for something, but didn't.  Think of all the money I saved them.  Then, of course, when I really need them to back me up, they interrogate me in such a way to herd me into saying something that would put our disaster just barely outside the parameters of their coverage.  Fortunately, I knew what he was trying to do and didn't fall into his trap.

Anyway, so I was out cleaning the paddock when the UPS truck backed into my driveway.  I wondered if it could be Rock's saddle.  I figured it was since his injury would prevent me from even trying it on him.  That's kind of the way my week has been going.  Then it occurred to me that I might need to sign for the saddle.  I didn't want the driver to take off with the package, so I dropped my manure fork and ran through the backyard, up the driveway to the truck just as he was driving off.  Oh well.

I checked the porch, and found that he had just delivered a box of prescription dog food.  The front door was locked, so I walked back to the horse paddock to finish scooping poop.  About 15 minutes later I got in the house and poured myself a glass of wine.  It had been another harrowing day full of twists and turns and more stress than I can handle.  Then I remembered the dog food on the porch, put down my wine glass to go bring it in "really quick."

I opened the front door and found the box completely covered in trails of ants.  There was a hole in the box, and the ants were filing into it at a rapid pace.  I couldn't bring an ant covered box into the house, so I dug around in all the boxes of kitchen stuff that I can't store in cabinets anymore, because I don't have any cabinets thanks to the water damage, and pulled out a can of ant poison.  I sprayed the dog food box and then opened it with scissors on the porch.  The dog food bag had a hole in it and the ants were crawling into that.  I couldn't spray the dog food with poison, so I picked up the bag and started smashing ants by throwing it on the ground over and over.

I dragged it into the house, and some residual ants appeared out of the bag's crevices, and scattered all over the floor.  I did a dance and crushed as many as I could with my shoes.  Unfortunately, the dog food spilled out the bottom of the bag and the dogs started licking up both the food and the ants.  It was a mess, like everything has been lately.  Twenty minutes later I finally returned to my glass of wine.  There has to be a cure for bad luck and curses.  Please, whoever has that voodoo doll of me, lay it gently down in bed and let it rest.  Put a white light of protection around it and all its family and pets so that there will be no more injuries.  Then put a winning lottery ticket in its hand.  Thanks.


fernvalley01 said...

let me know if that wish works,I have had some crappy weeks too where I wondered who was working the voodoo on me

allhorsestuff said...

Dang..Just One Glass?!
I'm Sorry For The Messes, You Write So Well,I Was Chucking The Entire Time..So Sorry.

Who's Not Heard Of Swat! I Accident Got The"Original"..My Mare Has A Protective Pink
I Don't Have The Doll, But I'll But A Ticket Tomorrow, If I Win,I Will Share.

Rest Up

appydoesdressage said...

That sucks. Hope your problems start to ease up soon.

Ant problems like that are fixed around here with a quick piece of tape over the hole, rinsing or wiping the exterior ants off and then sticking the whole thing in the freezer overnight.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Absorbine makes a triple action, antibiotic gel with fly repllant in it. I can't remember what it is called, but I know I have a tube of it at home.

If you want to borrow it shoot me a text and I can arrange for you to pick it up today, otherwise Superstition or B&B should carry it. I also have a small thing of Swat somewhere around the house too. If I can find it you're welcome to that as well. Our herd all gets along so minus the rare injury on who knows what, we really don't have use for it much.

You may also try Furox spray or Cut-Heal if you can find that too. Furox has a bright orange or green color, but it keeps the flies out. Cut-Heal I remember being a blood red color.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

CNJ - I've got what I need now, but thanks for the information and the offer. I hadn't heard of some of those products, so I researched them. I think I know the Absorbine one you are talking about. I used it at one time. Rock's bite is healing amazingly quick. There was some liquid build up from swelling under the skin and it has almost dissipated. Of course he got several new scuff marks today from playing too rough with Bombay, but the two of them looked like they were having a good time. I've just got to get them to tone it down.

Paint Girl said...

I would have had a whole bottle of wine after all of that.
I totally understand about insurance companies. When we had a pipe burst in our master bath about 5 years ago, they gave us hell. When they came out to check it out, they gave my OH a hard time and questioned the heck out of him. But they ended up paying for all the damage. I don't know why they have to do that, especially since we do pay for the insurance!! It's ridiculous.
Vetricyn is really good stuff, but it won't keep flies off. I am shocked they didn't have Swat. Thinking of it, I don't think we can buy Swat in a store here either. Kinda strange. I will have to double check, but pretty sure it isn't sold in any stores around here.

Cindy D. said...

a bottle of wine and a pitcher of margaritas!