Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unplanned Kitchen Remodel

While some of our blogger friends have been evacuating their homes thanks to a fast moving fire in Colorado, I've been watching an army of men tear my kitchen apart thanks to water damage.  It's amazing what one little leak under the sink can do to your entire house before you even get a clue that something is amiss.  We're going to need all new cabinetry, all new drywall, and probably new carpet.

I was really hoping to get some rest this week after having back-to-back, sometimes overlapping appointments over the past two weeks, but it looks like I'll be having insurance adjusters and various repairmen coming in and out of the house over the next three weeks.  After losing our well pump on the 4th of July last year and going without water for three days, I was praying we wouldn't have any water or air conditioning problems this summer.  I guess I just shouldn't have even thought about it, because I put the idea out there, and the water problems came.  This follows hot on the heels of a variety of other expensive problems, and I have now officially resigned myself to being a full-time property manager.

It's not exactly a job I applied for, and I have to pay other people to help me do it while I get paid nothing, but sometimes life just deals you a crappy hand... over and over and over again.  If there is any truth to the idea that good luck follows bad luck, I am due to win the lottery.

I'm not sure how I'll manage three weeks without a kitchen.  I guess we will be eating out in restaurants a lot in order to save on having to hand-wash dishes.  Too bad there aren't many decent places to eat around here.  The dogs are going nuts because we have to keep these floor fans on round the clock.  They hum at a pitch that bothers them.  Midge is acting like she does when there is a thunderstorm.

Scrappy took advantage of a few moments when his cone was removed and ripped at his sutures from his surgery, causing a bloody mess.  Bombay ripped a chunk out of his coronet band right after his previous leg injury healed.  Of course, this all happened today while I was juggling 9 or 10 repairmen coming in and out of the house.  (I lost count.  Each time I looked up, someone else was walking in the door.)  I was literally having to choose between managing traffic through my house, taking Scrappy to the vet, cleaning Bombay's wound, eating, or using the toilet.  I went 8 hours without food or access to my bathroom.  By the time the guys left, Scrappy's wound had dried out and I decided I would just keep it clean myself.  Bombay has been tended to, but now I must catch up on the skyscrapers of manure waiting for my attention.

Of everything that went wrong, the two things I am thankful for is that this house sits on a concrete slab, so we don't have to replace the floors, and I found one company that will do the majority of the work, and they move fast.  Sometimes when you get one person in doing the drywall, and one doing the cabinets, and one doing the plumbing, and one doing the electrical, they screw things up and point the finger at each other, but this company is really good about honoring my requests to right their wrongs.  If anything is missing or broken, they know someone on their team did it, and they take responsibility for it.  I heard one guy asking who broke the grounding wire on one of my electrical boxes and watched while he repaired it.  Amazing.  You know how many people would just ignore that and let us home owners suffer the consequences?  Oops.  Looks like I'll have to call them back here.  Irony of all ironies...  the temporary sink they installed LEAKS!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that Was a really crappy day. I hope everything moves along quickly and you have a beautiful kitchen when all is said and done.

fernvalley01 said...

aaahhhhaaaahhhhhh !!!screaming in frustrated sympathy

Reddunappy said...

Gahhhh remodels suck.
Good thing the floors are cement!
Hope it all goes fast so you can enjoy your Summer!!

Sam said...

I've been behind on blogs - I didn't know you have been having all this trouble. Any ETA on when it will be all repaired?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Depends on the insurance company, but it will be at least a 3 week minimum before we even start getting our kitchen back.

I'm so done with everything. I went outside to find a gouge taken out of Rock's side and it was covered in flies. They got under his skin. Just think of all the money I'd be making to pay for this mess if I were actually getting paid for all this vet work I do on my own animals. Can't they just wait for me to fix one problem before creating others?