Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day of Boom Booms in the Life of Midge

This morning I found flies trying to burrow into Bombay's face wound, so I tied him to the trailer and washed it really well with Betadine, dried it, and sprayed it with AluSpray.  Some neighbor kept shooting a gun at 5:30 in the morning while I was trying to treat Bombay's wound.  My horse jumped at the gunshots and I was afraid he was going to stomp on my foot or knock me down, so I yelled out for whoever was doing that to cut it out, and they did.

I had to put my Swat and Neosporin in the fridge the other day, because the heat was turning them to water, and I didn't want to have to leave Bombay tied by himself with the gun shooting neighbor about, while I went into the house to get the ointments, so I put a fly mask over his wound instead.  I knew I'd be opening a whole new can of worms by putting the fly mask on him, but it was the only solution at the time.

I put the leashes on the dogs and waited for the kitchen repairman to arrive.  I figured he'd be late, because I have low expectations about everything and everyone nowadays, so I didn't want to lock the dogs up somewhere while waiting for him to show, but I wanted to be able to catch the dogs before they began throwing themselves at the door when he drove up.  When an hour passed without him appearing, I went down to the barn to do some chores, and that was all I had to do.  The second I walked through the barn gate, the kitchen repairman drove up.  I ran back to the house hoping to snatch up the dogs before he got to the front door, but he was faster than me, so my husband and I found ourselves wrestling dogs in order to let him into the house.

I wanted to try something different this time.  Since Midge freaks out over hearing construction noises, I wanted to see if she would be calmer if she could see what was going on.  It made no difference.  She still freaked out and started ripping electrical cords out of walls.  So, we put her in my daughter's bedroom, but she found some boxes and books to shred.  I caught her just in time before she destroyed some artwork my daughter did.

I decided to just hold her on the leash, and she ran back and forth, hitting the end of the leash, trying to wiggle out of her collar.  Scrappy gets anxious when Midge acts crazy, and he reacts by attacking her.  So, I was trying to keep Midge from wiggling loose from her restraints and trying to keep Scrappy from biting her at the same time.  Scrappy was growling and making attack noises, and the repairman was laughing like it was cute, but I'll tell you there's nothing cute about having no control over your dogs because they both suffer from some bizarre psychoses.  It's days like this when my husband and I agree:  No more dogs.  Once these two pass away, we're done.

My husband took Midge into the garage, but the nail gun and power drill sounds were going all day, and one can only hang out in a garage for so long.  So, we took turns babysitting her in the garage and trying to force her to drink water.  I tried tying her alone in there so I could get other things done, like go to the bathroom and eat, but she started shredding everything she could get her teeth into, so we locked her in her kennel in the garage.

An alert came through my phone notifying me that a severe dust storm was on the way, so my husband and I ran outside to clean manure and water troughs before the storm moved in.  Before I could get more than one water trough filled, the storm hit and I got nailed in the eyes with debris despite wearing sunglasses.  I was glad that I just happened to put what is left of the shredded fly masks on all the horses, because at least their eyes were protected.

All of the sudden it hit me that it was thundering, and Midge was probably totally out of her mind in the kennel in the garage.  We had given her sedatives, but they don't do much for her.  It turned out that she was covered in piss and blood.  Once again she clawed at the bars until she bled.  As soon as the kitchen repairman left, we pulled her out and gave her a bath.  She collapsed, probably from exhaustion and I had trouble getting her out of the tub.  Now she barely has the energy to jump up on her favorite chair.  She jumps and falls down.

I was running around trying to deal with a dozen different things and got one of those "this is so-and-so from such-and-such" phone calls with that question I can't stand of "how are you?"  I told the guy I was in the middle of important stuff, so he wanted to know when a good time was to call back.  That's the other question I dread.  I don't have a schedule.  I just deal with blood and guts all day and night.  There is no good time to call.  I got short with him.  I said, "Just get to the point and tell me why you are calling."  He would not tell me.  I said, "I have one minute.  Go."  He said, "I'll need about ten minutes of your time."  I said, "Forget it."  Don't know if he'll call back or not.  I wouldn't, if I were him.

I just don't get it why everything always has to happen all at once.  I could take a guess at when a good time would be to call, but chances are I'll still be in the middle of cleaning up blood and guts and urine and poop.  I can't predict the future other than to know that as long as things keep breaking around here and we have to keep bringing in construction workers, and as long as it is monsoon season, I'll be trying to keep my dog from killing herself.  That's my job.  That's what I do.  So, there's no good time to call.  Period.  It's to the point where I can't leave the house unless my husband is home to watch our suicidal dog and relieve me from my post.

The kitchen is complete now, though I wouldn't say it is as good or better than the kitchen we had before the water damage.  The repairman was able to fix most of the cosmetic issues, the live wire that shocked me, and he double checked for leaks in the plumbing, but our counter top is still cracked and it doesn't fit together at the seam as nicely as it did before.  I'm just relieved to finally have a dishwasher, cabinet and counter space after a month of having none.

The check the insurance company sent to pay for the repairs either got lost in the mail or is bogged down at the bank, because our mortgage company has to endorse it.  So, we had to pay the full bill ourselves, and I'll have to make a bunch of phone calls to track down the insurance money.  It's been missing for two weeks.  It is so risky to have to mail such a large check from the insurance company to the customer, from the customer to the mortgage company to be endorsed, from the mortgage company back to the customer to be endorsed a second time so that it can be deposited.  There has to be a better way.  It astounds me that two men can rebuild a kitchen faster than a bank can endorse a check.  Go figure.  All I know is that we better get reimbursed soon because I feel some mighty big vet bills coming down the pike at the rate things have been going.

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Sam said...

I'm so sorry things are not going well. Have you tried corona ointment on the face wound? It helps keep flies out and seems to help speed up healing.