Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Man's Trash... another horse's treasure.

We've had some trash laying around right on the property line between us and our neighbor to the south since we moved in over a year ago.  I thought the trash was on my neighbor's property, which is why I didn't clean it up.  I didn't want to trespass.  Yesterday I finally went over there and cleaned up everything on the edge of his property.  I was going to throw out a piece of drip system, but then thought the horses might have fun playing Tug of War with it.

First, I laid it over Lostine's back and she walked around balancing it, but ignoring it at the same time.  Then I put it on Rock's back, and he sniffed, then bit into it, pulling it to the ground.  He immediately made a game out of pushing and pulling it through the fence.  Eventually, Bombay and Gabbrielle got in on the game.  I did take their new toy away after dinner, because I figured they'd find some way to hurt themselves with it, so this is a toy that will require some supervision.  But, it's nice that they finally have something they can't destroy in five minutes.

I just worry that the next time they see a snake, they might go pick it up with their teeth.  Ahhhhh!