Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Excitement

I took the dogs outside and noticed Bombay and Gabbrielle had their necks stretched over the fence and were looking into the arroyo.  I figured they were watching a coyote, so I didn't bother to investigate.

About an hour later my husband was worried about me shoveling manure in the extreme heat.  The house was quiet and it was about that time of the afternoon when I go outside to clean the paddock.  He looked outside for me, but didn't see me.  He saw that I had hot dogs boiling on the stove and didn't think I would go outside with something on the burner, yet...

I had to be outside because a horse was out.  He thought I had a horse on a lead rope behind the hay barn.  Then he counted:  One, two, three, four, five horses.  Wait... we only have four horses.  He called out for me and said, "A horse is out."


"A horse is loose."

I was shaking my head.  Impossible.  They can't open the latches we have on the gates.  Of course, I thought he meant one of our horses was loose.  I looked out the window and saw that some other neighbor's horse was loose.  He went outside to catch it while I put on some shoes.  I was worried about scaring the horse away if too many of us approached it, though.  Then I saw a lady walking cautiously up from the south of our backyard with a halter and lead rope.  

"Oh good, we've found the owner, and they don't need my help," I thought.  "Now I can eat my hot dogs."

However, then a second loose horse came into view.  They were both eating off the corner of my haystack.  I saw my husband retrieve one of my halters from the tack room and thought, "He's going to need my help if he plans to lead a strange horse back to its barn."

Not all horses are well trained.  I set the ketchup down and started to head for the door when a second lady appeared with another halter.  Then two men came walking down our driveway from our front yard.  

"Okay, that's too many people.  They definitely don't need my help."

I returned to preparing my hot dogs.  My husband talked with them a little bit, and then they led the horses through our backyard down into the arroyo and up the bank to the street behind us.  My husband came in and told me that they thanked him for not shooting them.  

Oops.  I guess our reputation precedes us.


Ian H said...

Hey, you can never have too many horses!People down your way don't really shoot trespassers do you?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ian - Well, I've been known to shoot off my mouth at them, but no, my life would have to be threatened before I'd consider shooting someone. Obviously, in this case, the trespassers had no choice. They had to catch their horses.

Camryn said...

Sounds similar to our new place. So far a full grown bull was walking down the road, & the neighbors donkey was grazing in our yard!!!

Cindy D. said...

I seriously had to lol at that last part. Too funny.

Good that the wayward traveler was caught before getting into trouble.