Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Trail Ride

I'm used to August being the hottest month of the year, but we've actually been cooling down here in Arizona.  We've had a lot of cloudy days without rain or with only a minimal amount of rain.  My energy level depends a lot upon the humidity as well as the heat and whether or not there is a cool breeze to go along with all of it.

P.S. was riding Gabbrielle in the arena and I realized that the heat wasn't too bad.  I suggested that either she take Gabbrielle out for her first trail ride without a buddy, and I would hike along just in case she needed me to grab the lead rope, or I could tack up another horse and ride with her.  Sometimes the horses will spin and run for home if they feel too uncomfortable being out in the desert with just a rider and no other horses.  She pointed out that I would probably have more fun riding, and I agreed.

So, off we went with her on Gabbrielle and me on Bombay.  Both horses were so low key that we were wondering what was wrong with them.  We're so used to spooks and spins and speed walking, and on this ride we had a hard time keeping them moving with a purpose.  We figured they were hot, tired, and their feet were probably sore since they just got trimmed last week, so we let them rest.  We stayed on the flat trails, tried to stick to sandy areas, and kept the ride short.

We saw a couple of hikers coming down a trail on the other side of the arroyo, and Gabbrielle had to come to a stand still to point them out.  She looks around to make sure everyone sees them before she'll move on.  I'm sure she considers being the lookout her job.  I suspect she also wants to see how the other people and horses react, and is looking for clues as to whether we are in danger or not.  We heard the hikers in the arroyo on our way back.  I was trying to keep an eye out for them, because I didn't want them to pop out from behind a bush right in front of our horses, but they seemed to just be hanging out down there.  I always wonder what people are doing down there.  Probably smoking pot.  One time I went down into an arroyo and found a whole bunch of kids' bikes, but no kids.

When we got back from our ride, we trimmed bridle paths and bathed Rock.  By the time we got done with all of that, I was wiped out and ready for another nap.


Ian H said...

Naps are GOOD!

fernvalley01 said...

Naps are the perfect thing to wrap up a summers ride