Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Butterflies are Here

When I walked outside there were at least a dozen different types and colors of butterflies feasting on my Lantana.  These two were the only ones to stick around for the photoshoot.  Hopefully, the others will get used to my presence and not be so camera shy next time.

Yesterday I was doing a photoshoot of both the horses and the stormy sky when I became aware of the annoying sound of a car engine buzzing nearby.  I looked up to see someone in a car on the bluff at the back of my property cruising by slowly.  The driver sufficiently distracted the horses so that I couldn't get them to look at me, so I used my old technique of chasing off nosy, intrusive people by taking photographs of them.  I snapped pictures of the driver, and she suddenly stepped on the gas and took off.  I zoomed in on the photo, and sure enough, she was looking right at me in my backyard.  It's funny how people love to watch me on my private property until I turn my camera on them, and then all of the sudden they feel like their privacy is being invaded.  Ha!

With the cloudy skies, it was nice to see the horses come out from underneath the shade of the barn roof to play.

All three of the Jolly Balls are officially shot.  The boys have dissected them into flaps of rubbery plastic.  Fortunately, they don't find them tasty enough to swallow.

Some cities experienced a downpour from this storm.  Others, like us, just got the haboob.

After writing my last post about having sweaty cabin fever, the sky got dark and a decent wind blew in, so I grabbed my walking stick and headed out into the desert.  After my ride yesterday, I felt grossly out of shape, and I need to get my health back.  I set a distance goal and then realized that I left my water bottle back at the house.  Typical.  But, I still managed to reach my goal, and the clouds and wind were kind enough to stay with me until I got back home.

I found a ton of hoof prints on the trails, which made me feel like a wimp since I can't handle the heat, but other horseback riders obviously can.  Even the bicyclists have been out and leaving their own prints in the sand.  Though I didn't see anyone else while I was hiking, the prints gave me hope that fall and cooler temperatures are right around the corner.


fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful photos! Glad you found a way to turn the tables on the snoopers

achieve1dream said...

I'm so envious of your closeup butterfly shots! Good job!!