Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Good Kind of Sweat

I don't recall ever sweating when I lived in the Eastern Sierra.  I became accustomed to smelling nice.  Now that I'm existing through these central Arizona summers, if I don't want to sweat or stink, I have to stay indoors.  The second you step outside, you find yourself dripping from head to toe.

However, this morning was different.  We had some cloud cover.  Not much.  Just enough for me to shove a snack quickly down my throat, chug a glass of water, run out to grab a halter and lead rope, and take a horse for a walk/jog in the desert.  I chose Lostine since she was so spooky the last time I hand-walked her on the trails.  She did have one big spook on the way up the trail head, because a wind was blowing the bushes and trees around, but she settled down nicely after that.

Each time the trail opened up, flattened out, and was rock-free, we jogged.  I've got to burn off some calories for that cheesecake.  If I don't exercise during the day, I don't allow myself any cheesecake.

Lostine was doing well until I led her down the trail closest to the houses, and all the horses in the neighborhood spotted us and began whinnying.  Then she picked up her pace and whinnied back.  She got a little too excited when her own herd called out to her, and she ran a circle around me, but then got back in line like I asked.

The cloud cover had moved on by the time we headed back, so I arrived home drenched in sweat, but this was a good sweat that also came from outdoor exercise -- not just from stepping out onto my porch.  I earned this sweat, and therefore, it is good.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds lie a good way to work off the cheesecake.