Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Funnies

Some funny things have happened with the horses this week that I thought might be entertaining to read about.  Bombay has been a stinker about going into his stall on his own at feeding time, so I hollered at him to get in his stall while I was closing Rock's stall door and latching it, figuring he didn't understand anything I was saying.  I turned around and much to my shock, I found that Bombay had not only gone into his stall, but he closed his own gate!  He had it lined up perfectly for me to latch, and he did this two days in a row.  You can bet he received a ton of praise and laughter.

Yesterday I took Lostine for one of her gimpy walks out in the desert, and when we returned I needed to put her fly mask back on her face.  I walked up to each horse and said, "Is this your fly mask?  Nooooo, you are already wearing a fly mask."

Right when I was about to walk up to the third wrong horse, Lostine looked directly at me and let out a loud and long whinny as if to say, "It's mine, you moron!  Bring it over here."

The whinny was so out of character, I'm convinced it was her way of telling me to bring it to her.

Also, this circular pecking order has been very unproductive for the horses.  I watched them walk in circles for several minutes one morning fighting over some leftover hay in a barrel.  Gabbrielle was chasing Rock away from the hay while Lostine was chasing Gabbrielle away from the hay while Rock was chasing Lostine away from the hay.  They went in circles with no horse being given enough time to even snatch a mouthful.  Bombay was wise enough to stay out of it.  Finally, Gabbrielle got tired of the merry-go-round and aggressively chased Rock all the way out of the stall, giving Lostine a chance to polish off the remainder of the hay.

So, those were the funnies.  Today I took Rock for a walk on the trails and brought my camera along.

He drags his feet a little at first, but then begins to enjoy the walk and join me by walking next to me instead of dragging behind.  He still hugs me too closely, so I started fixing that by tossing the end of the lead rope at his neck, and sticking my arm out to the side once he moves out of my space.  The whole time that he walks beside me without touching my hand, I praise him.  Then as soon as he touches my hand, I toss the rope at his neck again.  He's much more responsive than he used to be, but he still needs reminders.

Must stop to smell the roses.  I always ask the horses if it belongs to anyone they know.

When we first walked up the trail head, I heard a motorized vehicle out in the desert.  Once we came through the bushes, the driver shut off his engine.  I was looking around and thought I saw what looked like an ATV hiding in some bushes in the distance.  I decided to head in that direction to see.  I don't know what I was going to do if I found the guy, because he obviously knew he wasn't supposed to be riding out there.  It's illegal.  I don't think he was shutting off his engine to be polite.  I think he was hiding and didn't want to get caught.

While I was busy looking off to the left, trying to keep my eye on the spot where he was hiding, Rock came to a screeching halt and alerted on something to our right.  I looked over and saw a lady out for a walk.  I let him know I saw her and wasn't concerned about her, and I urged him on.  We ended up meeting at a crossroads, and the lady had this sweet old fluffy Golden Retriever off leash.  The dog had no interest in Rock or me -- she just wanted to get home and get some rest.  Rock was fascinated with this large fluff ball moving towards us.

I raised my arm to point and ask if the lady was going that way, and Rock snorted and ran backwards.  The lady said, "Oh my!"

I said, "If you are going straight, we'll wait for you to pass."

I wanted Rock to stand and watch the dog without fear.  He did, and then we continued straight.  I took some pictures of him by the grave site, and he alerted on something off in the distance.  He usually isn't this high headed.

It turned out that the lady and her dog were circling the same loop as us in the opposite direction.  My feet were all swollen and I had already decided that we were going back the way we came rather than climbing down rocks into the arroyo.  I thought about waiting for her to pass again to work with Rock on his dog fears, but then she would have been ambling slowly in front of us, so I thought it would be better to get ahead of her.  I was under the impression that Rock was a ranch horse, so it surprises me that he reacted that way when seeing a dog.  Oh well, better to learn these things from the ground than in the saddle.

CNJ's double layer Velcro fly masks are holding up great.  The horses have only managed to pull Gabbrielle's over one or both ears a couple of times, which took a lot of force, and her mask did not rip anywhere.  So, I know they've been trying to rip them off each other's faces, but haven't succeeded in doing any damage to them, nor have they been able to tear off the Velcro straps.  This design might last a couple of years.  I don't know if that will help CNJ's business or put her out of business since customers won't need to busy fly masks as often.  I really appreciate her inventive mind.  It has solved a lot of my problems.


Paint Girl said...

I always find herd dynamics so interesting!!
Rock sure is a pretty fella!! The high head makes for a pretty picture.

achieve1dream said...

It could be that he's never seen a Golden Retriever before.. maybe he's used to blue heelers or something smaller like Corgis? You never know what they are thinking I guess. :)