Friday, September 20, 2013

Gray Horse Day

A picture of the harvest moon from the other night.  One more day until the fall season.  Yippee!

A couple of embarrassing things happened when the farrier was here.  I ran out of fly spray, so that horses were stomping around a bit.  You definitely don't want to run out of fly spray when you go for a ride or when the farrier or vet visits.  The other embarrassing thing was that I noticed that my gray horses had yellow and rust-colored manes and tails.  Yuck.

My farrier was telling me that we should have another week or so of temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and then we will drop down into the 80s.  He said that the past few years Arizona missed its spring and fall by going from summer straight into winter.  I couldn't quite relate to that, because coming from the Eastern Sierra, these Arizona winters feel like spring and fall to me.  They sometimes even feel like summer.

Anyway,  I commented that I had better hurry up and bathe my horses while it's still hot.  That way the farrier wouldn't have to wonder if I was aware of how disgustingly dirty my horses were.

So, today I bathed Gabbrielle.  She's never been a fan of getting sprayed by a hose, so we've been working on keeping the spray on her while she's dancing around trying to get away from the water, and then taking the water away when she stands still and relaxes.  She did such a good job that I took a chance on letting water rain down on her face, and though she didn't like it, she didn't flip out and pull back either.  I was actually able to rinse her forelock without having to use a wet sponge.  Then I tied her to the trailer while I gathered the extension cords and trimmer to address her shaggy bridle path.  She wasn't happy about me leaving her tied alone, but she stood still and waited for me to return.

Here she was startled by Mr. Lizard poking his head out from underneath the horse trailer...

I love how she turns blue when she is wet.

Bombay hardly gave me any trouble other than fighting with Rock through the fence and both of them trying to untie the lead rope with their teeth.

Rock really badly wanted a bath.  When I let the hose rain down on Bombay's head, Rock stuck his head over the fence to get some water too.  I told the darker horses they will have to wait a day or two for their baths.  I only have the energy to bathe two horses at a time in this heat.  Lostine is getting pretty sticky, so I'm sure she will appreciate getting her turn.

Interestingly enough, Bombay used to have this large black melanoma on his cheek, and Rock bit it off in one of their tussles.  I spent weeks keeping that wound clean and keeping the flies off it, and it healed up nicely without the melanoma returning.  Maybe Rock should be a surgeon.  He sure saved me from a large vet bill getting that thing excised.

Despite shampooing Bombay's yellow tail twice with the purple whitening shampoo, once with Palmolive, and spraying it with whitening solution, the bottom half was still yellow.

Gabbrielle cleans up a lot better than Bombay.  Oh well.  Boys will be boys.

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Paint Girl said...

Beautiful moon picture! I swear the moon looks bigger everywhere else but here.
Gabbrielle is so gorgeous! She sure does shine after a bath. I didn't get any horses bathed here this summer... what the heck is wrong with me? Summer totally got away from me this year. Didn't get half of what I wanted to get accomplished done. Sigh... I guess there is always next summer.