Monday, September 16, 2013

Laser Tag and Cheesecake

It was my birthday yesterday.  There wasn't anything I wanted or needed, so I suggested we just do something together as a family.  It's not often that I get out of the house this time of year because of the extreme heat, Midge's storm phobia, and the problem with her food and medications having to be given in a timely manner.  It's amazing what we sacrifice for our pets.

My husband was on call with his job, so he had to remain at home to deal with the dogs and horses since he needed to stay close to his computer anyway.  My daughter, son and son's girlfriend played five games of laser tag with me, and later that evening we met my husband for dinner, which was near his office, so if he got called, he could access a computer there.

You may recall that I have some odd form of motion sickness that prevents me from going on amusement park rides, and even riding in cars under certain circumstances.  I was shocked to find that in order for us to get into the room that contained the vests and guns at the laser tag arena, we had to first walk across a bridge in a spinning barrel.  The barrel had neon stars or dots all over it, and it was spinning at a fairly rapid rate.  It was beautiful to look at from a distance, but as soon as I stepped onto the bridge, it felt like the bridge was tipping sideways and dumping me upside down.

My body was flung into the railing and I felt as if I was going to flip right over it onto the spinning barrel.  I panicked, thinking I was going to get injured, said, "I can't do this," and turned around to come back the other way.  I had to plow my way through the people behind me, because they wouldn't move out of my way, and I was in a complete panic attack.  When I'm scared, I act a lot like my horses and will flee into and over anything.  I think that's part of why my horses and I understand each other so much.  (Note:  No one got hurt in my stampede to safety.)

Once I was off the bridge, I could see that it wasn't tipping at all.  It was just an illusion.  My brain was causing my body to flip over that railing in reaction to seeing the spinning stars.  My daughter and I hung back while everyone else walked across with no problem.  We were trying to figure out how I could get across without falling down.  My daughter suggested that I close my eyes, and that worked like a charm.  I grabbed each railing and walked forward quickly with my eyes closed, and everything felt normal.

The laser tag arena had ramps and towers and rooms.  I don't even think I found all the rooms after playing five games.  The object of the game was to get the most points by shooting others with your laser, not getting shot yourself, and finding your opponents' home bases, and capturing them by shooting some hanging crystals in their little fort.  There were a few other game rules we had to figure out for ourselves, such as that it is possible to get hit by a shockwave, or a laser hanging from a spinning ball on the ceiling, and once you captured a fort, you couldn't capture it again.

I've lost my mojo when it comes to playing laser tag.  I used to be able to come out on top when I played years ago, but this time I pretty much always placed somewhere in the middle.  The music was so loud that I couldn't hear my vest telling me when I was shot, so people kept following me and shooting me repeatedly without my knowledge.  In one game a group of little boys ganged up on me and cornered me everywhere I went.  They were little terrorists.  They tried chasing my son around, but he scared them off by growling at them.  Ha ha. My son's girlfriend learned the value of finding the highest tower and sniping those on the ground floor.  My daughter was able to place first in one game.

My daughter painted a horse for me as a gift:

And gave me a memoir written by a blogger:

My son used his computer programming skills to make an app for my mobile phone that is a happy birthday card about getting old...

It was fun and clever.  He had to wait until I had access to a pair of reading glasses to view it, though.  Yup.  I'm definitely getting older.

My son's girlfriend arranged for the staff at the restaurant to bring me a complimentary dessert and sing happy birthday to me.  I was grinning from ear to ear.

You know there has to be a cheesecake story in here.  Well, the dinner was so delicious that no one had room to eat dessert, but we came for the cheesecake, so we ordered some to take home.  I thought it was going to be a fairly flat cheesecake with pie slices, but when they handed my husband the bag, it was like carrying a bowling ball.  We got home and discovered that we had just bought what sized up to be a triple-decker cheesecake.  We couldn't even eat one slice without having leftovers.  Oops.  Looks like everyone I meet is going to be offered a slice over the next few days.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a fun one (except the spinning neon tunnel part). I'm no good at lazer tag either; you need eyes in the back of your head for that game. Cute app your son made for you! And I love the picture your daughter painted! And cheesecake?! What's not to love about cheesecake. Enjoy!

Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a great day (other than the tunnel of doom!)
Mmmm... cheesecake. I'll be right over!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday! Cheesecake..Yum. I think that's got to be everyone's favorite.

achieve1dream said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day. :D Laser tag sounds like fun. I've never had the opportunity to try it.