Monday, September 23, 2013

Peach Fuzz Monday

I woke this morning on the second day of the fall season and felt an actual chill in the air.  I ran my hand along my horses' sides and felt the peach fuzz of a new coat coming in.  Gotta go for a trail ride before that dang sun ruins everything.

I groomed and saddled up Bombay.  P.S. arrived and saddled up Gabbrielle.  Getting ready for a trail ride can be such a production.  I need to figure out a way to do it all faster, because by the time I was done tacking up my horse, I had to go back in the house to bring the dogs out to do their business.  They've been having a lot of accidents on the carpet lately.  The dogs are so old that they are going senile.  You take them out to do their business and they pee, but forget to poo, or vice versa, and whatever it is that they forget ends up on the carpet a few minutes later.

I was trying to move faster, but I just ended up getting myself wrapped up in ropes and tripping over things.  I was in a race to beat the heat, but the horses don't know that.  If they see me racing around, they react by getting hyper themselves, thinking there's something going on that they need to be concerned about.  I can't wait until the heat is no longer an issue, so that I can take my time.

I lunged Bombay a little to loosen him up, check his mood, and tighten his cinch, and he was being uncooperative.  I couldn't get him to pay attention to me.  Then it hit me that he was distracted by something.  Sure enough, there were two ladies standing up on the bluff with their dogs looking down at us.  Sometimes I feel like the general public thinks that my backyard is a free peep show.

P.S. detected that one of Gabbrielle's hind legs was stiff, but she seemed to shake it off while being lunged in the round pen, so we went ahead with the ride.  Coming up the trail head into the desert, I spotted a runner coming toward us.  I just kept riding toward him and thought Bombay was okay with this strange man running at us, but it turned out that he hadn't seem him yet.  As soon as he did see him, Bombay slammed on his brakes and popped his head up to point him out.  P.S. and I discussed where we wanted to ride while the horses remained zoned in on this man.

I decided to wait to see where the runner went before moving on, because after my experience of running up from behind Rock yesterday while ground driving him, and having him bolt, I didn't want this man turning onto the same trail we turned on and running up from behind our horses.  He was running at a full sprint too.  I don't know how people can do that over rocks.  I'd have rolled an ankle in an instant.

We made it past a downed signpost that the horses have spooked at in the past.  This time they both acted like they were half asleep.  Neither horse wanted to go home.  Gabbrielle tried taking another trail out and speeding up her pace.  Bombay was suddenly walking through molasses when I turned him toward home, and then he just stopped all together.  Then he tried to convince me that there was something scary on the trail head, but I pushed him through it.

Gabbrielle has been very interested in the garage lately.  When we lead her past it, she always veers toward it and peers inside.  So, today while P.S. was riding her, Gabbrielle tried to turn up the concrete driveway toward the garage.  The door wasn't open, but I suspect I may have to lead her inside it one of these days just so that I can appease her curiosity.  Maybe she thinks it is another barn and there are horses inside.

Rock finally got his bath once I put Bombay away.  Now all four horses have been recently bathed.  Rock is so cute.  He turns around and looks at me while I'm shampooing and combing out his tail.  He seems to always be smiling.  P.S. hand fed him some ice and he loved it.  He's up for anything.


achieve1dream said...

I love that picture of Rock. So handsome! I never thought of offering ice chips to the horses, although I give them to the dogs all the time. That is too cute!

I keep meaning to ask, and keep forgetting, can you guys build a small pen for the dogs or is it too dangerous in the desert to leave them outside at all (obviously not in the heat)? I was without a pen for a while at my old house and it gets so old taking them out on leash all the time. I'm loving it here with a yard again so I can just open the door and let them out (although I still have to supervise Storm because she's an escape artist).

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

achieve1dream - That's negative on the pen for the dogs. My neighbors have large dogs that they can leave outside with the coyotes and snakes. Their dogs get bit by snakes all the time, but they use the rattlesnake vaccine ahead of time, which minimizes the effects. I use the rattlesnake vaccine too, but there is a difference between a big dog getting bit and a little dog getting bit. My biggest worry are the hawks and vultures. They can carry a little dog away in a heartbeat, so we would need an enclosed kennel. Even if we had one, we couldn't just open up the back door and let them out. We'd have to put the leashes on them and walk them to the outdoor kennel. It's not worth the investment considering the dogs' ages and that we don't plan to own any dogs in the future. We just plan to rip out the carpet once they both pass away.

achieve1dream said...

That totally makes sense. Oh well. I hope they are both doing well. I'm slowly catching up. :D