Wednesday, September 18, 2013


For those readers who have been to the Hawaiian islands, are there any hotels, activities, or locations you can recommend?  I'm planning a trip in celebration of my and my husband's silver anniversary.  I went to Hawaii and Oahu when I was 12 years old, and yesterday I dug through scrapbooks and slides in search of the locations I most fondly remember, so that I could be sure to go there again.  We are definitely going on a horseback ride while there.  Never fear.

Also, a reminder to all horse owners:  I saw my farrier today and he let me know that he recently cut back on his clientele.  He's getting older and stiffer and can no longer keep fighting ornery horses, so he let several clients know that he won't working with their horses anymore.  He said the biggest problem are the horse owners who don't handle their horses enough for them to be calm during trims.  He also notices if people take his advice or not, and those who don't, lost their farrier.  He said two other barefoot farriers in our area are out of business -- one to back surgery and the other because a horse broke her leg in three places.

So, if you've got difficult horses, please do us all a favor and hire a trainer to prepare them for hoof work.  The rest of us don't want to lose our farriers to injuries or burnout.

Thanks in advance for the Hawaii recommendations.


HHmstead said...

Just hit the "next blog" button & found you! Love your blog "neighbor"! Will have plenty of reading to do!

Cheryl Ann said...

I was pleased to hear that Sunni, my spooky gelding, actually LET my farrier catch him this last visit. During the previous visit, Sunni actually stood still and didn't move a muscle for him! And, yes, my trainer comes once a week and works the horses. They've all made a lot of progress.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Well...I haven't actually been to Hawaii yet...We are going next year for a reunion. One of my hubby's friends did the research and booked cottages in Waimanalo. It is supposed to be a little quieter and a little less touristy there.

I did a little research on my own and found a couple of places close by that have trail rides. Since several of us in the group have horses, you know we will be going on at least one trail ride. ;-).

There is also a 4-mile bike trail that runs along the beachfront and Waimanalo Beach is right there. It's supposed to be frequented more by the locals than the tourists and is quieter during the day...Or so says the reviews. The hubby did tell me that you have to be a little careful about encroaching on the locals though. They don't appreciate it.

But all in all, it sounded like a good area with lots to do. Of course, my opinion IS based on reviews since this will be my first time to Hawaii and the hubby hasn't been there in 20+ years. ;-)

One of the things I did note...ALL of the reviews about the hiking trails said that cars are frequently broken into at the trailheads...Do NOT leave ANYTHING in the car. :-(