Friday, September 6, 2013

Raspberries All Around

Every time the sun goes behind the clouds, I run outside to see if I can either ride a horse or clean up some manure really fast.  Rock is so cute the way he stands with his head hooked over the top railing looking up at the backdoor, waiting for me to come out.  Ever since my husband took him for a walk and I took him to the round pen, he's been running to the gate when I approach, and I have to be careful that I don't let him bust his way out.  I tried running to a different gate, but he beat me to it.

Today I got stuck in the barn.  I had started cleaning up manure under cloud cover, but then the sun came out and I had to run into the shade of the barn.  The horses and I were all crammed in the aisle waiting for more cloud cover.  I got bored waiting, so I started blowing raspberries on Rock's muzzle.  Gabbrielle pushed her way in and stuck her nose to my lips to get some too.  Then Bombay pushed his way in and I had three horse noses I had to take turn blowing raspberries on.

Lostine kept her butt pointed at me, so I passed on including her in the fun and games.  I did climb the railing and put one leg over her just to tease her, and amazingly she held still.  She rarely holds still when I mount with a saddle.  I considered climbing all the way onto her back, but then Rock and Bombay started pulling on my pants leg with their teeth, so I had to abandon ship.

The clouds didn't come back right away, so the rest of the manure sat out there in the hot sun until a few hours later when a new group of clouds moved in.  I am so excited because the weather forecast shows that we will drop down to 100 degrees F tomorrow, and get down into the 90's and 80's during the rest of the week.  I'm hoping for a couple of hours of cloud cover minus the rain so that I can ride.

I read an article on the news website of the town I used to live in that made me laugh.  The town is looking for someone to represent it by riding a horse around telling the public stories about the town's history and upcoming events.  Why is that so funny?  Well, when I lived there, I had to fight for equestrian trails, because the county kept running the horseback riders out by allowing motorized vehicles on the few bridle paths that existed.  I tried hard to educate them by writing letters to the people who made decisions regarding the usage of recreational areas, but they always sided with the motorcyclists, ATV riders, hunters, and shooting range participants.  I guess they liked loud noises.

And now they expect someone to ride a horse around town to entertain the tourists.  I guess horses are getting to be such a rarity there that a horseback rider would stand out more than someone on a motorized vehicle shooting a gun.  Either that, or they are trying to represent the town as being rural and quaint, qualities they lost years ago when they allowed contractors to buy out farms and ranches to build subdivisions.  Now all those subdivisions sit empty, the few hay farmers left are shipping their supplies to foreign countries, and the majority of horses in the community are pasture ornaments.  Oh well, at least one horse there will get ridden regularly.

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