Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bombay on a Quiet Day

This is how awesome my new laptop computer is:  I hooked up a very old digital camera to it, forgetting that I still hadn't installed the camera drivers and software programs that transfer images from the camera to the computer, and the laptop immediately detected the model of my camera and uploaded the photos with whatever existing software came with the computer!  The reason why that is so exciting is because I had to have a different software program for each of my cameras on my old computer, and the drivers would only be recognized if I plugged the camera into whichever USB port it was attached to when I installed the drivers.  So, sometimes I would plug in a camera and nothing would happen.  Uploading photos always involved troubleshooting.

Tuesdays always seem to be quiet days... no trash trucks, no construction.  I reserved this morning to ride Bombay since he was struggling to keep his nerves under wraps on our last ride.  He did still get looky and balky on the way out to the trails, and when we passed the trail to home, heading out a second time for another loop, but overall he did improve compared to the last trail ride.  He stopped in the same spot where he saw the runner coming at him, and he perched his ears forward, refusing to move.  At first I thought he was just reacting to the memory of the runner, but the more he stood there on alert ignoring me urging him forward, I thought maybe there was something ahead I needed to be concerned about.  So, I asked him to take the trail to the north instead of going straight, and he unlocked his legs and willingly went in that direction.  Sometimes you just have to trust your horse.

He spooked at a piece of lumber and I said no in a firm tone.  Then he spooked and balked at this fallen sign on the side of the trail up ahead, even though he's ridden past it a dozen times before...

This time I laughed at him and embarrassed him, so he made a point of being brave and marching right past several more fallen signs.  I have no idea why there are so many of these that have fallen.  Termites eating the base of the wooden poles?  I have noticed that there are a lot more beer cans, beer bottles and broken glass in the desert after this summer.  The kids must have been bored and unsupervised.  Perhaps they were playing "lumberjack" and chopping down the sign posts?  I decided that if I ever come across kids drinking beer in the desert, I'm going to make them sit and listen to one of my lectures on alcoholism and littering until they are so blue in the face that even the sight of a beer bottle makes them sick.

As long as the weather and temperatures allow, I'm spending more time riding on the trails to get the horses as comfortable out there as possible.  I noticed that when I tried to turn Bombay, he'd stop abruptly.  That's odd for him.  I think the problem was that on the past two trail rides, I've ridden him in a different set of reins that are a heavier rope than what he's used to.  They have 1/2" rope and 5/8" rope for reins.  You wouldn't think that 1/8" would make that much of a difference, but these are much heavier and thicker.  So, I'll switch him back to a 1/2" rope and see if that fixes the problem.

Here he is saying, "Mom, you wore me out.  I'm tired.  Must you keep taking pictures?"

He looks his age here since he doesn't have his head up and neck arched.  Can you believe he is already 15 years old?


Mary said...

Silly spooky boy! I am glad for the most pat he gave you a pretty good ride. Sounds like heaven to me. I don't think 15 is very old, he looks great to me.

Mary said...

*part** not pat...sheesh!