Monday, October 28, 2013

Company on the Trails

Trail riders are starting to come out of the woodwork now that it is cooling down.  I've had a few riders check out my back lot to see if they can ride through, and have been seeing more of them out in the desert and crossing roads.  P.S. and I went out for a ride this morning and saw six horseback riders.  One group seemed to be avoiding us, as they pulled a U-turn in an odd spot.  They waved, but one of the horses was having a hard time settling down and I wondered if it was excited to see other strange horses, or maybe scared and trying to run for home.

Gabbrielle made it through the gate first without needing Rock to show her there is nothing scary on the other side of the gate.  We rode up parallel trails instead of nose to tail to see how the horses handled being separated.  They did well.  Rock just kept trying to drift toward Gabbrielle, and Gabbrielle kept checking in with Rock by looking at him, but neither horse seemed overly concerned about the break up.

Gabbrielle getting her pets and pats for showing a little independence.

We saw a large hare jump out of a bush beside us and neither horse reacted.  The rabbit stopped but didn't hold still long enough to let me get my camera out of my bag.  I finally got my first obligatory between-the-ears shot of Rock while riding him.

He wasn't real good about holding still while I jostled things around to get my camera, but this was the first time I stopped him to take pictures, so he really didn't know what I was doing up there.  All he knows is that I'm usually asking him to go faster.  After a while, my other horses learned to stop as soon as they heard me rustling around in the horn bag.  But then they also learned the chime the camera makes when I shut it down, and they started walking off before I had the camera in the bag.  Rock did that to me today.

He always looks like he's got a load in his pants after I dismount.  I think he's saying, "Ugh.  Hernia.  I've got a hernia.  Don't let that heavy lady ride me anymore."  

I'm trying Rock.  I walk, I jog, I bicycle, I'm eating less.  Just be patient.

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