Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Up Time

I usually reserve Mondays for the horses, but since yesterday got monopolized by the dogs' health care, I made Tuesday horse day.  Of course, as soon as Bombay and I got out on the trails, the vet's office called to see how Midge is doing.  I've always wondered how the horses would react the first time my mobile phone started ringing on my hip while I'm in the saddle, but Bombay acted like he didn't even notice.  I wasn't confident that I could answer the phone properly without being able to see the screen in the sun's glare, so I let it go to voicemail and called back after I was done with the horses.  Unfortunately, my phone does not allow me to program which button answers calls.  I have to be able to see the screen a touch a series of buttons, and if I can't see the screen when outdoors, I often accidentally reject and disconnect the call rather than answering it, so it's better for me to not touch it all together.

The ride went well.  Here are some pictures:

This shadow looks like Buddha sitting on an Arabian horse...

And a video:

It was windy, so the picture is shaky and it is hard to hear what I am saying in parts.

After returning from our ride, I tested out Rock with the new horn bag and saddle bags.  He noticed something was different, but didn't let it alarm him.  He handled everything flopping around at all the paces.

The vet gave me the go ahead to give my dog Midge either chicken and rice or burger meat and rice.  We'd been trying to feed her chicken, and she's been rejecting it.  So, I put together some burger and rice and poured a little chicken broth over it since that's what I had available in the house and the doctor wants me to call her back soon.  I had to shove the burger bit in her mouth, because she just laid there staring at the bowl.  After a while I heard her eating it.  She ate a tiny amount and then went back to staring at the bowl.  They're thinking they want me to bring her in for blood tests and a pain injection today if her appetite doesn't improve.


fernvalley01 said...

nice that you got a good ride.Thanks ofr taking us along Hope Midge is feeling better soon

ellie k said...

I am so happy that you can enjoy some horse time now, this new place may not be perfect but at least you are getting to ride. Hope the puppy feels better soon, it is so hard to watch them start to go down hill with sickness and age.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Midge. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Looks like a very nice ride with Bombay.

Laura Lee Evans said...

What beautiful country you get to ride through! I love the desert :)

Hope your dog ends up ok.

achieve1dream said...

I love that video!! It's nasty and rainy here so it was nice to join you on a ride in the desert. :D Bombay is such a good boy.

I hope Midge recovered quickly... I'll keep reading to find out.