Friday, October 18, 2013


My husband felt well enough to ride Rock today.  He's been experiencing leg cramps over the past few weeks in addition to working round the clock, which didn't allow for any horseback riding.  I left him alone and let him tack up Rock by himself, and I kept my mouth shut for the most part while he rode.  He just needs practice.  We can work out the details later.  When I first took riding lessons, I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the corrections being barked out at me.  I can recall wishing the instructor would just leave me alone for a few minutes so that I could think for myself and enjoy the ride.

He said he noticed a big improvement in Rock.  He was much easier to ride.  My husband preferred the side-pull bridle over using a bit too.

I rode Rock for a little bit afterward since he was all tacked up and ready to go.  I tried to work on getting him to stay on the railing at the trot, because as soon as we would ask him to speed up, he'd veer inward.

Rock has such a pleasant personality.  He rarely gets annoyed with anything we ask him to do.  I would classify him as an easygoing horse.


fernvalley01 said...

nice that your hubby got to go for a ride, sounds like he needed the break

achieve1dream said...

Yay!! I'm glad your husband got to ride! And that Rock has improved so much. :D