Saturday, November 16, 2013

Choices and Voices

After class today I had a choice of cleaning house, which I haven't done in weeks, cleaning up manure, doing my homework, or riding a horse.  I made the smart choice.

I can no longer keep up with trimming bridle paths.  Rock doesn't have one and his mane is beautiful.  It doesn't get tangled in the halters and bridles, and I don't show my horses, so I've decided to let everyone's manes grow out.

Lostine was happy and excited to get out.  I rode her in the saddle I've been lending to P.S. to ride with on Gabbrielle, but P.S. has her own saddle now, so I reclaimed mine and adjusted everything to fit Lostine.  I hate putting my heavy trail saddle on her, and she's so sway-backed now, that the Circle Y fits her better in addition to being a lighter weight.  I forgot how comfortable that saddle is, and how much I enjoy riding Lostine.  The view coming home...

All her buddies are in the barn waiting for her.  Purple sunspots in this next picture...

Rock came up and licked me like a happy puppy when we returned...

I think he loves me.

Don't tell him this, but I dream about him at night.

My farrier and I were talking about that one horse you have such strong connection with that you can never forget.  Of course, he's had a lot more horses than I have, but I suspect Rock will be that horse for me because thoughts of him are always seeping into my subconscious.  The only thing is, technically, he's my husband's horse.

I had a pet psychic experience yesterday.  I was in the kitchen and my Corgi Midge was running around.  I heard the words, "Scrappy is outside."

I looked at Midge, and the words seemed to be coming from her mind.  I ran around the corner into the laundry room, and sure enough, the wind had blown the door open and Scrappy had let himself out to pee.  He was coming back when I stuck my head into the garage.  He seemed proud of himself for taking care of business on his own.


Mary said...

I think you made the right choice, I love ear shots, and I really like the purple, nice touch!

I'm not sure if I've ever heard an actual voice, but Fred definitely speaks to me. :)

Good dog Scrappy!

achieve1dream said...

Whoa! Way to go Midge for ratting on her brother lol. I'm glad he was coming back in on his own though. Such a smart boy.

I'm so surprised to read about Rock, but I'm happy. I doubt your husband will care that you have a special bond with him. Who knows now that the others are doing better your husband might bond with one of them more than Rock. You never know which one you will connect with. :)

Oh and I love the sun spot picture too. It matches her halter hehe. :)