Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rock is a Ladies' Man

Despite it being a cloudy, chilly day with hoards of Thanksgiving travelers on the road, Christine and I decided to meet up for our trail ride.  I was finishing my lunch while she was saddled up and riding out to meet me.  Amazingly, I was able to get Rock tacked up and put his new Renegades on before she arrived.  I led him around in the boots to get him used to walking in them on dirt, rocks, and pavement.  My neighbors were home and decided to come out and slam their mailbox right when Rock had is butt toward them.  That would have sent my Arabs over the top, but Rock just turned his head and looked at them as if asking what all the ruckus was about.  Then we headed out to look for Christine.

I thought I had better call her to let her know I was in the desert and not at the barn just in case she went through a different gate and came up the road.  Right when I was leaving a message, I spotted her.  Rock saw Christine and her Palomino Maggie before Maggie saw us.  He was very interested in her.  I called out hello so as not to startle Maggie.  We let them look at each other and then headed out.

Maggie really moves out at a fast walk while Rock moseys along at his own pace, making sure that each footfall is perfect.  So, Christine kept circling her just so we could carry on a conversation.  Things were easier when we were heading away from her house and toward my house, because Maggie slowed down and Rock sped up.  We took turns in the lead and rode side-by-side, and Rock quickly got over his initial concerns about having a strange horse behind him and circling around him.  His slow pace reminded me of Lisa's mare Apache and the stories she tells on her blog about always being at the end of the line.  I know for sure Rock would never be able to keep up with gaited horses.

School was letting out on one road we needed to cross, and there was a lot of traffic on the other road because of the holiday, so we decided to just ride from road to road and Christine will help me with crossing on another day.  This wasn't exactly the best time to start experimenting.

When we parted ways, we let Rock and Maggie touch faces.  They sniffed muzzles and seemed to be acting sweet, but we both knew at some point someone was going to nip or explode.  Maggie did a mare squeal and struck out at the ground with her front hoof.  Rock just continued to stand there and admire her.  He didn't even flinch.  I turned him away just to show him that is the proper thing to do when a mare says no to his advances.  Ha ha.  No means no!

Oddly, the whole time Christine and I were riding, we only saw one hiker off in the distance.  However, once we parted ways, I ran into all kinds of hikers and horseback riders on the way home.  One woman had driven past me in a car, turned around, pulled over up ahead of me, and climbed through the fence to watch me ride and to pick up stuff of the ground.  When Rock saw horseback riders, he turned to meet them, and I had to steer him away and explain that we don't know those people.  I guess he thought that since we met up with another new horse in the desert, that was the theme of the day.

Rock did really well in his Renegade boots.  His hoof shape really doesn't work well with them, because they are more for upright hooves, and his are sloped, so his toe doesn't fill the entire mold.  But he adapted to walking in them fairly quickly.

As we were headed toward the gate out of the desert, a lost tourist with New Mexico plates drove past and pulled a U-turn right where we needed to go.  Rock had proven himself to be so unflappable that I just let him walk through the gate in front of the car as it was making its U-turn.  Then I stopped to let the driver get out into the street and pass us.

From the time I tacked up to the time I put Rock away, about two hours had passed.  I'm hungry and ready for turkey and stuffing.  How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cheryl Ann said...

What a good boy! Enjoy your day with your family. We are actually all getting together Friday because our son, who works at TARGET, has to work today...bummer!

achieve1dream said...

What a fun ride!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy D. said...

I am so glad that you got to have a nice relaxing ride!

Venom said...

You struck gold when you bought that horse - as you've said yourself, Rock may well be your heart horse. How wonderful that you've found him!