Friday, November 29, 2013

Walkin' the Big Dogs

Just before sunset and after Thanksgiving dinner my family took a walk.  I had led Bombay out into the desert in the morning to work off some calories, and led Lostine out on the family walk in the late afternoon.  No one seemed happy that I was bringing a horse along.  I guess they thought it would be a hassle.  I said, "The horses aren't any problem.  It's almost like they aren't even there."

Well, of course, Lostine had to be a butt about the whole thing, because it was too close to her dinnertime and she wasn't willing to leave her food trough for a pleasant walk into the sunset.  First she tried to convince me that my husband, son and daughter were monsters that were going to eat her.  I assured her that they had already eaten the best meal of the year and were completely stuffed.

Then when we got out on the main trail, she spun around and pointed.  I looked in the direction she was pointing, but couldn't see anything because I was looking directly into the sun.  Then I heard dog collars.  A man with two shepherds on leashes passed us on an adjacent trail.  Lostine wouldn't take her eyes off the man with the dogs even though he was ahead of us, and she ran a few circles around me to try to convince me that we were in danger and I had to take her back to the barn immediately.  Then when I tried taking pictures, she kept running in front of the camera to block me.  The horses have gotten really good at preventing me from meeting my goals in order to do what they want me to do.  Or so they think.  I just shooed her out of my way, took my picture, and continued on our walk.

At one point it seemed all the coyotes in the desert woke up and started hollering all at the same time.

I took pictures when my husband was leading Lostine.  She looks like a Shetland Pony next to him.

Christine sent me some pictures she took of me on our trail ride the day before.

I love how Rock's tail is so thick and long that it drags on the ground.  Here is a gratuitous shot of his butt.

Awesome, isn't it?

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achieve1dream said...

He does have an awesome butt and tail. :D Sorry Lostine was a brat. I guess she was having one of those days hehe. Happy Thanksgiving!