Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

Just a note to let readers know that my blogging will probably be less frequent for a while.  I know sometimes people worry about me when I get quiet, because I'm normally a whirlwind of words in the blogosphere.  I'm actually fairly quiet in person, but I type fast and am addicted to writing, which is part of the reason why I will probably be blogging less than usual.  I'm doing NaNoWriMo this November in an effort to finish my second novel.  I have already fallen behind on my word count.  With NaNoWriMo, participants need to write 50,000 words in the month of November in order to win prizes.

I'm also officially a college student again.  Funny story.  I'm a life-long learner.  I have attended several universities and community colleges and probably have enough credits under my belt to have a doctorate, had I focused on one subject.  I have a college that is just a couple of miles down the road and immediately researched it when I moved here to see if it had any programs I'd be interested in taking.  It has some good medical programs, but they all had waiting lists.  The universities are way too expensive and right now the priority is to get my daughter and son educated.  I didn't want to add a third college tuition into the mix.

I would love to study creative writing again, but I would need to work on a Master's program level, because right now I have enough education under my belt in writing that I could probably teach it on an undergrad level.  But the only university nearby that has a graduate level creative writing program is too expensive and a nightmare to drive.

Then I found that a community college in the next city over had an interesting graphics design program that was somewhat affordable, but time consuming.  I thought that once my daughter finished school, I'd look into that.  Then I discovered that the college just down the street has community education classes for cheap, and several of the classes are right in line with what I need to learn for my photography business.  So, I will be taking photography classes for the next couple of months.

I also joined a community service club, went to my first meeting, and have my first major job to do this weekend.  Of course, all of their planned activities are scheduled at the exact same times and days of my classes, so they may have to wait until after the new year to get my full participation.  It's odd, because for the first year and half I've been here, I couldn't find anything to do that interested me, and now all of the sudden I'm discovering all kinds of gems in the rough.

Of course, all of this leaves less time for me to ride horses, but I figured it's just as well because Rock came up lame and I've been having neck, back, and headaches quite a bit lately.  I think it's caused by all the pulling on ropes that I have to do when working with horses.  I've strained some muscles.  I think Rock kicked a railing, because he bruised his heel.  He doesn't kick at the other horses, so he probably was kicking away a fly.  The flies have been really aggressive lately.  They are one of the downsides of living in the desert.  They swarm in spring and fall, and are always around in between.

By the way, the title of this post is the title of may favorite short story by Joyce Carol Oates.


Allison B said...

Congrats on college! You will be busy!

ellie k said...

Thanks for letting us know what you are going to be doing. I do care about your health and why you may not be writing when you miss a few days. Congrats on going back to school and finding something you will enjoy studying. I know you are happiest when busy or so it sounds like. Go for it, be happy and do something for yourself.

achieve1dream said...

Good luck on your Nano!! I love when fellow bloggers participate. :D

That's great about the photography classes!! I want to take one so bad, but finishing the house is priority right now.

I hope you and Rock feel better soon!

Katharine Swan said...

Good luck with NaNo! I am participating in it, too, and am so far on track... but not ahead like I'd planned, as a family tragedy has kept me from writing as much this week. Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend.

Sam said...

I'm also working on Nano - it's amazing how quick you can fall behind. Good luck!

aurora said...

Life learning is a great way to stay vibrant. Would enjoy hearing more about what you learn from your photography class. I've been thinking about taking another one...my first two classes in college were photo 1 & 2 ~ a million years ago. But what I really need to do is practice behind the lens!!