Monday, December 30, 2013

Rock has ADD

I rode Rock out today and he has discovered that with that soft, fuzzy fabric I wrapped around the nose ropes of his halter, he can now do whatever he wants with his head and it doesn't hurt.  He was snatching snacks all the way down the trail, lowering his head to sniff manure and refusing to lift it back up when I pulled and admonished him, and gawking in all directions.  He tried to turn around several times because he decided he didn't like the trail I picked.  I told him he had ADHD, but without the H, because he was wandering slowly all over the place, craning his neck in every direction he heard a sound or saw movement.  Then he trotted down and up hills, though I did not ask him to trot, and I decided that if he keeps that up, I'll put the H back into ADD.

All the video I recorded consists of me grunting as I pulled on his head with all my might to control him.  I decided not to post any of it.

We came across a couple.  I think the man was on a horse and the woman was on a mule.  We pulled over for each other at the same time.  They told me to pass.  I was talking to them as I was passing and they looked at me like I had two heads.  They didn't respond to anything I said, but just said, "Have a nice day," as they rode off.  "That was weird," I thought.

Then I realized that I do have two heads.  I have that camcorder strapped to my helmet.  They were staring at it, probably trying to figure out what it was.  I had no idea if it was recording or not.  I realized that I missed an opportunity to ask them if the red light was on or not.  When I got home I did not find the recording of passing them, so the recorder was off at that point.

I hadn't really thought about how a camera on my helmet might affect others on the trail.  I'm sure some people would not appreciate being videotaped without their permission.  Now I feel kind of like a creeper, but I really just enjoy replaying the videos of my rides to myself when I'm not riding, so that I can feel like I've been riding all day.

I thought the video was off when I removed my helmet and set it down on the trailer.  Nope.  It was still recording.  I know it's a wide angle lens, but my weight really scared me.  I look like a pig that should be roasted on a stick.  Time to get to work on a more stringent diet and exercise program, I guess.  I doubt it will have any effect, because nothing I have done in the past has helped, but I can't just sit here and do nothing about it.

I took Gabbrielle for a hike.  P.S. hasn't had much time to ride her over her break from school because her employer needs her to work extra shifts.  I expected her to show up today, but she didn't, so she must be busy working.  I wish my neighbors would work as hard as she does, but the woman was home all last week, and now the man seems to have this week off from work.  He took a six week vacation not too long ago, and then his wife took a three week vacation.  They never take their vacations together, but one after the other.  That means no alone time and no quiet time for me unless I leave the neighborhood.

I swear these people never sleep.  They just sit by their window waiting for a peep out of me, so they can sick their dogs on me and chase me back into my house.  They say they do that to protect our property from people with bad intentions, but I don't believe it for one second, because I know they know I am the person outside when they cut their dogs loose.  I've seen them come out onto their porch, look directly at me, yell to the other spouse that I am outside, and next thing I know I've got 7 dogs snarling at me.  Apparently, these neighbors think they own my property as well as their own, and I am an intruder when I go into my backyard.  These people just need to go back to work.  Everything is peaceful when they aren't around.

There's a reason why the Christmas card I chose for them had the word PEACE stamped across the front.  They need to stop whatever this little war is over space that they started.  Would you believe that they sued their neighbors on the other side of them for some land?  They don't even do anything with it.  They just put a fence around it and claimed it as theirs.  They are space hogs, and they use their dogs as weapons to gain space.  It's a power play.  They can talk reason to me all they want, but I know the psychology behind their little games.

Sadly, their sweetest dog recently died, and they immediately accused the neighbors of poisoning it.  The vet said it was natural causes, but the fact that they assumed that a neighbor poisoned their dog is very telling.  That means they are aware that the neighbors are annoyed with all the barking.  It's kind of like shooting at people and then being paranoid that they will take your gun away from you.  How about this?  How about being good neighbors and keeping your dogs under control and quiet when people are minding their own business on their own property?  There's a concept worth pondering.  It's people who make dogs aggressive by encouraging them to attack.

I worried for the horseback riders who used to come through our yard, because these neighbors always cut their dogs loose on them, not caring if someone's horse spooked and dumped its rider.  I believe that was their aim.  The neighbor told me I could be held liable if someone got hurt on my property, and then she turned around and tried to cause people to get hurt on my property.  I just have no respect for her anymore. May she work overtime away from her home for the rest of her life.  Better yet, may she move far, far away and take her menagerie of vocal personal guards with her.

Ugh.  Now I have to go outside to clean up manure and water troughs, and feed my horses -- something I used to love to do, but now hate because I can't step outside without being hassled by my neighbors' dogs.


Breathe said...

Crazy neighbors! I'd feed those dogs hot dogs every day over the fence. Then they will insist you stop. Then you can say, but they are so sweeeeetttttt!!! Keep feeding the dogs. They will stop snarling. ;)

Sam said...

Just so you have it - we've pulled this card before on dog owners:

...and just because there is a lot there you won't need:

How this has been explained to us, however, is only if the dog is harassing livestock that isn't being ridden. We've found a nice little laminated copy of the 3-1311 tucked in the offending people's mailbox does wonders.

Good luck.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Christine - Thanks. This is timely. The other day her dogs were chasing her own horse along the fence. I was watching, because I wanted to make sure they couldn't get through or over the fence to hurt the horse, but it seemed like the horse could take care of itself. It kicked the dogs through the fence. Anyway, the dogs had been out there chasing the horse and barking for about 15 minutes before the neighbor came out to subdue them. The dogs wouldn't even come when she called, and they ran from her when she tried to catch them. If they do ever get into someone's horse paddock, the owners probably won't be able to do anything to help.