Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Trail Ride

Bombay and I headed out for the trails this morning and while I was saddling him up, my neighbor came racing down his driveway revving his engine as he went.  Bombay heard it, but couldn't see what was going on from the other side of the trailer, so he got nervous.  He began doing a little dance from side to side while I attempted to adjust his saddle.  Weekday mornings are so much easier when all the neighbors are at work.  These particular neighbors have a knack for always coming out to do their chores right when I'm out doing mine or working with a horse.  It's almost as if they don't think about doing anything outside until they see me outside, and then they have to cause a ruckus by letting their dogs out, racing their cars around, banging gates and forks on wheelbarrows, and yelling back and forth across their acres to each other.  I showed Bombay I wasn't concerned, and he settled down.

After I mounted, a little voice told me to turn on my video camera while riding up the driveway.  Logic stepped in and said, "That makes no sense.  The view isn't interesting.  There's nothing to see."

So, I didn't turn it on.  As we were approaching the front of the house, Bombay popped his head up like he heard something.  I wondered if my husband had come out to work on this tree he's been trimming and cleaning up for the past couple of months, but then we came around the corner and I saw a man getting on a bicycle by the trail head.  I said to Bombay, "You're right.  Someone is there."

He didn't see the man at first, but when he did, you'd think he saw a cougar crouching in a tree, ready to pounce on him.  The man wasn't even riding his bicycle yet, and Bombay had puffed himself up huge with his head so high in the air that I was practically eating his ears.  Bombay kept glancing back to his herd at the barn and then watching the man nervously.  I thought, "Oh crap.  He's going to spin and run as soon as this guy starts riding his bike toward us."

I urged Bombay forward, but he refused to budge.  I kicked him, letting him know this was a command and not a choice, and he still refused to budge.  In the past I would have dismounted to save my neck and spine from the concussion of my horse jumping sideways and bolting, but I decided to wait it out and trust that Bombay would behave himself and not have a total meltdown.

The man began riding his bicycle toward us and I called out, "Hi!"  He ignored me and kept riding toward us.  Bombay's muscles were quivering beneath me.  This bicycle rider was elderly, so I thought perhaps he hadn't heard me.  I called out, "Hello!" as he got closer.  This time he looked right at me and said nothing.  I was thinking, "Dude!  Saying hello to a horseback rider while you are riding past her horse is not an option.  It's a requirement, so that the horse hears your voice and knows that you are a human on a contraption and not some wild animal trying to attack it!"

I yelled out hello one last time right when Bombay was on the verge of exploding, and the man finally said hello back.  Bombay let out an big exhale, unlocked his legs, and continued walking up the drive to the trail head.  That was scary.  I'm always wary of something scaring my horses right when we are riding on the rocks or pavement, because if I lose my balance in a spook or spin, I've got nothing soft to land on, and at my age bones break easily.

Unfortunately, that experience kind of set the tone for the rest of the ride.  Bombay was on pins and needles, so I had to just keep on riding him until enough time had passed after that incident and nothing at all happening that he began to relax.

I video taped most of the ride, but screwed up the angle of the camera.  The majority of footage is pointed at the ground when I thought I was filming the mountains.  It'll take some experience before I get all of this figured out.  I did get one video of Bombay spooking at a bush.  I had to upload it to You Tube, because Blogger kept crashing on me.


ellie k said...

Things may not be perfect there for riding but you are getting many more rides then the other house. It is so good to see you able to enjoy the horses.

fernvalley01 said...

cool! A helmet cam!!!! Glad you stayed up and Bomby got through his scary "stranger danger moment"

Cindy D. said...

Wow, that angle makes you look so TALL! lol
Actually I think it is really cool. I am truly jealous!

I can relate to the figuring out the camera angles issue.
I keep trying to video myself riding with my tripod pointing at my arena but I can't seem to get it to where I can stay in the frame.