Monday, December 9, 2013

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

It turned out that the grass hay was delivered on a flatbed truck with two men to move and stack it.  They weren't happy about having to stack it 15-feet high.

They also informed me that they have hay year round because of the contract they have with the supplier.  He stores it all for the feed store.  So, now I know where I can get it in smaller quantities throughout the year.  I will just have to be willing to pay the price.

All I can figure out is that the hay bales must be smaller out here, because when my old hay farmer in Nevada delivered a squeeze, it was at least 16-feet high and taller than the roof of our house.  That's why I had such a tall hay barn built.  This is actually 64 bales of Bermuda grass, 25 bales of alfalfa, and 30 bales of mix.  Almost two full squeezes, and it all fit in the barn.

P.S. and I went on a trail ride after the truck left and the horses got over their snortyness.

Rock tried to snack on some bushes, so I snaked the rein against the side of his neck to get him away from the bush, and at one point I snaked the rope rein a little too hard and it flew up over the top of his head and hung from the other side.  Oops.  Now I had two right reins and no left rein.  Pretty dumb.  Fortunately, he couldn't care less about ropes flying around his head, so I just swung it up over in the opposite direction and righted the situation.

We dismounted to cross a busy street, and I couldn't get back on, even with Rock standing in a ditch and me on the side of a hill.  He's just too tall and I weigh too much.  So, P.S. rode while I led Rock the rest of the way.  We went north until we hit the next road and then turned around.  I'm very happy to get my exercise.  I'm just as glad to be walking a horse as I am riding one, only I brought some thin-soled boots so now my feet are sore.


lytha said...

i'm known around here as the american or, that lady who always walks her horse instead of riding it. if i had a nickel for everytime someone has said, "get on the horse"!!

Cheryl Ann said...

I hope I never dismount from Lucille somewhere where I can't get on! She's too tall, I'm too short, and I, too, weigh too much! :-)
~~Cheryl Ann~~