Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Holiday Weekend

On Saturday I took Lostine for a walk, and she was staying in stride beside me without pulling on the lead rope, which I always appreciate.  The thing with Lostine is that you can't praise her, because as soon as you turn your attention toward her and speak, she pins her ears back, almost as if saying, "Here I was enjoying myself and then you had to go and ruin it by opening your big mouth and reminding me that you are here."  So, I had to keep quiet and just smile at her and pet her.  She's a grumpy old mare.

My daughter was heading out into the desert to go running right when I was heading out with Lostine.  She said, "I'll slow to a walk if I pass you."

I said, "You don't have to.  Just call out to us so that Lostine hears and sees you before you pass."

When we did pass, it was head-on instead of coming up from behind.  I kept waiting for Lostine to see my daughter, but Lostine was in La-La Land.  When my daughter called out, Lostine's ears went up and then she ducked back behind me to hide.  I shooed her out from behind me and brought her up next to me again.  I told my daughter to keep running toward and past us, and Lostine was okay with that.  She'd better be after all those years I rode her on those busy trails in the Eastern Sierra.  She was passing hikers, loose dogs, and other horseback riders all the time.  But it was too steep for anyone to be jogging there, so having a jogger pass her was a slightly different experience.

On Sunday I walked into the barn with a halter and lead rope and held the nose band open while asking for a volunteer to take a walk with me.  Lostine looked like she was stepping forward, but changed her mind and went into her stall to hide.  Gabbrielle took a step forward, but no further.  Bombay took two steps forward, so I encouraged him to come closer and stick his nose in the halter.  Before he could, Lostine appeared from behind me and planted her nose right in the thing.  So, I guess she did enjoy our walk the day before and was ready for another one.

While out walking, we discovered that someone took Mr. Magoo out of the bush he had been stuck in for the past year and set him on top of one of the graves.  I took pictures with my mobile phone.

His stuffing was coming out of his forehead where a branch ripped open his face.  Poor guy.

His Hawaiian shirt has been turned into a scarf.

Lostine took every one of my pauses on the trail as an opportunity to graze.

We had all kinds of plans for the holiday weekend and were all booked up going into it, but literally everything got cancelled, so the weekend has been more about killing time.  My knee joints have been inflamed ever since we went bicycling last weekend, and apparently I have been doing too much walking this week, because inflammation in my hip joints has been waking me up throughout the night and forcing me to toss and turn.  I'm fighting fire with fire by continuing to exercise.

I went geocaching alone on foot one day last week and felt so vulnerable without a horse.  I rely on the horses to alert on other people and animals who are nearby, because neither my eyesight nor hearing are good enough for me to notice someone or something unless it is right in front of my face.  So, now anytime I head out for my exercise, I take a horse to be my senses.

I saw that someone dumped their linoleum out in the desert this weekend, so the next time I head out I will have to take some garbage bags.  The horses are terrified of bags, but if I could train them to work as pack animals to help me carry the trash out of the desert on their backs, that would be ideal.  I'll start working on that.  They need to earn their keep and help keep the bridle trails clean.

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