Friday, January 10, 2014

Mixing It Up a Bit

Who's this?

That's my husband riding Rock out on the trails for the first time.  He finally had a weekend where he didn't have to work, his back wasn't in too much pain, and he didn't have other responsibilities to take care of.  Bombay and Rock have never been out on the trails together, so I wasn't sure how they would interact.  Rock is a bit intimidated by Gabbrielle, so he behaves himself around her... for the most part.  Let's just say I know he could be worse.

Riding out away from the house was tough, because Bombay wanted to go faster than Rock, but as soon as we tried to pass, Rock sped up.  When my husband tried to hold him back, Rock tried to bite Bombay on the butt and Bombay kicked out at him.  I rode for a little while in front, but it was obvious that Bombay was on edge about having Rock behind him, so we switched places, and then Bombay relaxed.

Each time we headed in the direction of home, Rock moved way out ahead.  I warned my husband that Rock would try to trot up hills, but not to worry because he's just trying to get his momentum and he'll slow to a walk once he reaches the top.  Bombay, on the other hand, used to have the habit of running down hills, and I didn't want him to start that habit again by seeing Rock trotting.  Sure enough, with Rock in front, as soon as Rock started trotting up the hill, Bombay started trotting down the hill, and then he cantered up.  Oh well.  Can't win 'em all.

I don't mind having the horses go faster on hills.  It's just a matter of training them to go the speed we ask and not the speed they want.  Easier said than done.

Both Rock and Bombay did an impressive job of not getting obsessed with eating bushes and sniffing manure.

On our way home I spotted a couple of horseback riders coming up from the south toward us.  I was trying to keep Bombay moving along before he spotted them, because he throws his head in the air and freezes up when he sees other horses on the trail.  If Rock kept walking toward home, I would need to keep up with him to make sure my husband got through the gate and across the street safely.  Fortunately, Bombay was so focused on getting home that he never spotted the other horses.

Overall, it was a really good ride.  No one spooked.  No one fell off.  Yup.  A good ride.


Laura Lee said...

Always nice to have company along on a ride :) Looks like it was a nice ride.

Cindy D. said...

Yup! All the requirements of a good ride! Happy for you guys.

Cheryl Ann said...

I wish my husband would ride, but he now refuses...says he's too old and brittle! HA~
~~Cheryl Ann~~

fernvalley01 said...

how nice you and your hubby got to ride together!