Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Butt Really Isn't That Big

Ha ha ha!  My shadow makes me look like a woman with an abnormally large butt, hands fiddling with curlers in her hair.  I actually had a sweatshirt tied around my waist and was fiddling with the camera on my helmet.  Can you guess what my husband and I did today based on this picture?

Yes, we did go hiking in the desert, but we also did two other things.  Here's another hint...

Still don't see it?  Okay, I'll show you...

Yes, we went mountain biking.  But why did we have to get off our bikes and hike?

Because we were geocaching.  We set out to look for six geocaches planted in the desert.  I remembered to bring my notes and two pens to sign the logs with, just in case one runs out of ink, and one pen always does.  I remembered to bring gloves for digging around in sharp places.  But we got a good ways out before I realized that I forgot my most important piece of equipment:  My GPS device!  Argh!

My husband raced back to the house to get it.  But then we both realized that I forgot the other most important piece of equipment:  My reading glasses.  I kept reading 0s as 8s, because they put a line through the middle of the 0s.  I read 8s and 3s, 7s as 1s, etc.  After leading us astray for the first couple of caches, I just handed the GPS tracker to my husband and let him read the coordinates.

We overshot the cache closest to home, so we said we'd get it on the way back.  My husband has a knack for just looking in the general direction of the coordinates before we have even reached them, and instantly spotting the cache.  I think he pointed out the first two to me, and then realized he was taking all the fun out of it for me and waited for me to find them.

The last one was the hardest, because it was by a dirt road and all these Sunday drivers were out cruising past us really slowly, gawking to see what we were doing.  With this particular cache, we looked like we were doing something illegal, so we had to wait for all the nosy people to clear out before we could actually perform the task necessary to open the cache.

At one point we were riding our bikes down into an arroyo when an endurance rider started to come over the hill on the opposite side of the arroyo at the same time.  We stopped and got off our bikes, but the horseback rider did a complete 180 and headed off in the other direction.  I guess she either didn't want her horse to have to deal with bikers at all, or she didn't want to take it down the steep slope.

I feel like when I'm hiking or bicycle riding, I should wear a T-shirt that reads in large print, "DON'T WORRY!  I RIDE FRACTIOUS HORSES TOO."

That way riders will know that I won't do anything stupid to scare their horse.  I was hand walking Lostine in the desert a couple of days ago when she alerted on something to the east.  We both stopped walking and were scanning the horizon for activity, but didn't see anything.  Then at the same time, we both looked to the west, and right on this hill above us were two horseback riders stopped and looking down at us.  One of the horses was an Arab that looked like it was ready to take off running in terror, so I called out, "Oh!  Hi!  I was wondering what my horse was hearing."

We started walking and our trails were going to merge so I asked the gal if her horse would be okay with my horse.  She said yes.  Her horse did relax once Lostine and I started walking again.

Anyway, we ended up finding 5 out of 6 of the geocaches in about 2 hours.  We didn't bother to look for the one closest to our home, because we were tired, my kneecaps felt like they were bleeding, and my husband's back gave out.  He put his leg down to stop, but he had no back support, so he just toppled over and laid on the ground a while.  When you are really tired, laying on the ground, even on rocks, feels great.  I considered collapsing myself.  I'll probably take one of the horses out to find the last geocache.


Allison B said...

I love geocaching!

Sam said...

Oh fun! I keep meaning to try that but have never gotten around to it. Would you share the website you use?

Monty and Harlow

Nuzzling Muzzles said...


fernvalley01 said...

I love my shadow best in the late afternoon, when it is tall and thin like I believe myself to be

lytha said...

i have so much logging to do - i haven't logged a cache since last summer, and somehow i keep getting out and finding more with my man and the thought of the task of logging them all is overwhelming to me. we are so jealous of people with bikes - we would make better progress that way. i guess the reason we don't have bikes is it's too hilly here for that to be fun, and we have no way of getting bikes to where we go caching. so, we walk for now: ) glad to hear about your adventures out there with your husband. we would love to find one in AZ someday!

baystatebrumby said...

I do not know what geocaching is, but if it means riding or hiking around in that landscape doing cool things, I am IN. I will look it up and learn more. Being from the wet and moldy northeast, I so love looking at your pictures. Everything looks so different and so western! Makes me want to plan a visit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

baystatebrumby - It's like treasure hunting with GPS coordinates. You sign and date a logbook with your trail name, which you create on the website. Some caches contain trinkets. If you take one, you need to put something in its place. If you do come to Arizona, I'd be glad to show you around.