Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rock Has Found His Inner Child

The day following my fall off Rock, I was sore like I had a good workout at the gym.  The second day after my fall, I could tell that I pulled a muscle in my back behind my shoulder and my oblique muscle on the right side of my waist.  The third day after my fall, I was feeling pretty good, but noticed the large purple bruise on my butt cheek where I hit the ground.  So, today I rode Rock for the first time since my fall, and he was a little twerp.

He wouldn't let me mount.  Each time I stepped up onto the stool, he'd walk off.  That is the one habit all of my horses have picked up at some point in time that I just can't tolerate any more.  It's a downright refusal to cooperate, and they know better.  So, I moved his feet around away from the step, which isn't easy to do, because there is nothing light about Rock.  His name is fitting.  Although moving him is more like moving a boulder.  Anyway, then I let him rest by the stool thinking he's a lazy horse and he'll give in soon enough.  Nope.  He was having too much fun jerking me around.

P.S. was able to get right on Gabbrielle, who hadn't been ridden in three weeks.  Gabbrielle was in heat, and she didn't even cop an attitude.  She was just ready to go for her trail ride.

When I finally got in the saddle, the next big battle was getting Rock to stop eating everything in sight.  I discovered, and HE discovered, that if he lowered his head all the way to the ground to eat, I didn't have the strength to pull his head back up.  It's times like that when I wish I could put a bit in his mouth.  I'm sure he would be more responsive with that than just a rope around his nose.  At one point he took a jerky step forward while grazing with me in the saddle, and with him being a downhill built horse, I almost tumbled forward right down his neck.

Pretty much the whole ride was a battle for me.  If I wasn't trying to keep his face out of the bushes, I was trying to keep him from teasing Gabbrielle by biting her butt, and on the way home I was battling to slow him down so that P.S. and I could carry on a conversation.  Rock has never been a fast horse, but with the last few trail rides I have noticed him getting faster and faster.  He was trotting up hills and fast walking the rest of the way.  I finally asked P.S. to pass me and use Gabbrielle to slow Rock down.  Then he went back to crowding her and trying to bite her butt.

I threatened to introduce him to my horse trainer, and warned him that he wouldn't like that.  She doesn't take any nonsense from horses.  She offered to work with him when I first got him, but he was so good that I didn't feel he needed any work.  Well, that's changed.  I guess he's figured me out enough that he's pushing the boundaries now.  I also think part of it is that his feet aren't as sore as they use to be.  In fact, he had a barefoot trim today and I rode him in his Renegades, but I still expected him to be sore.  My plan was to take it easy by riding on sandy trails, but I got lost and led us up and down all these rocky slopes.  That didn't slow him down, so he's obviously feeling good in the feet department.

When we got back, he even started pawing at the horse trailer.  It was like dealing with a hyperactive kid.

My farrier was impressed with Bombay, because he was swinging his lead rope in circles during his entire hoof trim.  He told me to get a rope and tie a knot in the end and let him play with it.  Most of the time he was swinging the lead rope, he was whipping me with it.  Ha ha.  Anyway, my farrier thinks Bombay would make a good trick pony.  I agree.

Rock has been obsessed with undressing people lately.  He tried taking off my jacket the other day, and kept trying to take the farrier's hat off his head, and then he pulled on P.S.'s hoodie and choked her.  Sometimes my horses make me proud.  And sometimes they embarrass me.  Today was a total embarrassment.  Except Gabbrielle did well.  Props to her.