Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking Bets

Okay, not literally, because that would be illegal.  Let's just say I'm taking votes.

True story:  Last night just beyond dusk our doorbell rang.  This was extremely odd, because all the delivery men know not to ring the doorbell because the dogs go nuts, and I have a sign on the door asking people not to knock or ring the doorbell.  I suggest that they call on the phone.  I love this tactic, because that means only people who have my phone number can disturb me, and I'm pretty sure that is a very minor fraction of the population, probably less people than I can count on my hands and toes.  Yay me!  I'm so proud of my hermit status.

We didn't have our porch light on, so the person at the door probably couldn't read the sign, but who would come knocking in the dark?  Maybe the neighbors needed some help?  My husband answered the door to find a couple of young boys, maybe 10 or 11 years old, asking if we have a flashlight.  We were eating dinner, and I hate letting my dinner get cold.  I'm one of these people who keeps popping up from the table to re-heat her dinner in the microwave half a dozen times during the meal.  That's why I let my husband deal with it.  He's perfectly happy eating his food cold.  Without even asking these boys why they were out in the dark and what they were going to use the flashlight for, my husband handed one over to them.

The boys gleefully thanked him and almost as an afterthought, my husband said, "Do you need to call your parents?"

"No," they said.  "We just live over on the other side of the desert."

"Well, hurry home.  It's getting dark fast," my husband said.

My hackles went up, realizing that they were probably going to walk across the desert at night when all the creepy crawlies and wild animals come out.  By the time I began to worry about their welfare, they were gone.  My husband said, "I should have given them a ride home."

My daughter and I said no.  Not in today's society.  A strange man giving children a ride is grounds for some serious trouble.

I said, "Did they say they would return the flashlight to us?"

My husband said no, and wrote "flashlight" on our shopping list.  "They just asked if the batteries were any good."

The next morning my husband was driving down the street and he spotted a couple of boys with sticks playing near the desert.  He rolled down his window and asked, "Did I give one of you a flashlight last night?"

One boy said yes.

"Were you planning on returning it to me?"

"I gave it to my friend, but I'll get it back from him and return it to you," he said.

So, I'm taking bets, er, I mean votes, on whether or not you think this boy will return our flashlight or not.


Dreaming said...

I'm betting... er voting... that had hubby talked to the boy who actually had the flashlight, you'd get it back. I'm thinking boy 1 will never convey the message to boy 2.
Isn't it sad that we have to consider the consequences of taking a child home?

Mary said...

I'n going to be optimistic and say yes.

fernvalley01 said...

weelll, at least he said he would get it back, hard to say though kids forget things pretty quick

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Still no sign of the flashlight, but I haven't given up on the kid yet. Maybe he needs to see his friend at school on Tuesday to tell him to return it. If we don't get it back by the end of the week, I'll call the people who thought it wouldn't happen the winners.

redhorse said...

They probably loved that scary walk through the dark. I agree, it's not a good idea to offer strange children a ride.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I was trying to remain optimistic, but it is Wednesday and still no flashlight.