Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Surprise Ride and A Surprise from the Dogs

My trail riding partner and I used to plan trail rides together, but our schedules kept changing and she kept oversleeping or getting called into work at the last minute and having to cancel, so I told her to just show up whenever she can, and if I am home and not busy, I will ride with her.  Otherwise, she can ride out on her own.  I had my Photoshop class today and got home to find her at the barn.  I was planning on doing tax paperwork, but couldn't pass up an opportunity to trail ride, so the taxes will have to wait another day.

P.S. had just finished forewarning me that she was short on time when she told me that she spotted some well dressed people standing by my neighbor's back door.  She thought they might be our annoying, local missionaries.  I was so busy rushing that I didn't notice them.  I apologized ahead of time and warned her that if they attempt to approach us down at the barn in my backyard, she will see me get very loud and rude.  Fortunately, they did not attempt to climb into the lion's den.  I have trained them well.

Boy, was Lostine shocked when I threw a halter on her.  She began resisting from the second I stepped through the gate.  I tied her to the trailer, put the saddle on her, and she stood splay-legged, pretending like the saddle was so heavy that she was going to collapse.  When I untied the lead rope from the trailer she took a few steps backward and then attempted to sit down like a dog.  I remember her pulling these stunts a while back, and I was convinced that she must have arthritis of the spine to act like she was in so much pain to have a saddle put on her back.  Then BEC left a comment telling me that Lostine "has my number".  I thought, "Could it be true?  Could this sweet, little old horse be manipulating me for my sympathy?"

There was no way to tell other than to ignore all of Lostine's antics and just go for a ride and see how it turns out.  She surprised me by having no problem carrying me down the trail, and she sometimes gallops around in the arena too.  So, BEC was right and Lostine was just jerking me around.  I remembered that today.

So, when I picked out Lostine's feet and had her fall to her knees in the process, I ignored it and offered her no sympathy.  Then I mounted and thought I must not have tightened the cinch enough because I went sideways and had to throw my leg over her back fast.  Once I was upright, I saw that the saddle was not only on tight, but it was tipped a little to the right, which meant that Lostine tried falling down to the left when I mounted.

That shook me up a bit, because she's never taken it that far.  She's fallen to her knees and to her butt, but has never tried falling on her side.  Had she succeeded, she would have crushed me.  Still, I wasn't going to give in and assume that there was something legitimately wrong with her.  I mean, I am overweight, but no more than I've been in the past, and I have actually been losing quite a bit of weight lately.  I felt like this was just more dramatics on Lostine's part.  She's a very smart horse.

Once we got out on the trail, she walked cautiously, tripped and almost fell a few times, but she had no problem motoring at a confident pace, even breaking into a little trot at times once we turned toward home.  Lostine would never admit it, but we think she enjoyed herself.

After we returned home I looked out the window and saw this:

I thought, "Oh no!  I killed Lostine!"  But then I realized it was just Rock in one of his coma naps.

Also, when I got home, I found that these little buggers got a hold of some mail and shredded it all over the floor:

Midge has finally discovered what it is like to raise a puppy.  Poor girl.  Sometimes she looks at me as if saying, "Don't you know I'm too old to be doing this?"

She and Lostine should get together and exchange horror stories.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh sheez...Be a little careful Nuz. I hope she was just being dramatic, but if she continues to act so strangely, maybe throw her in the round pen and make her move out a little bit before climbing on? I'd feel really bad if she actually was having a problem or got to carrying her antics a little too far and ends up going down on you. :-(

fernvalley01 said...

Well dang! the old girl does have some tricks, I agree with BEC though too, maybe try her in the round pen first when she is hamming it up, just to be safe

achieve1dream said...

Have you done the neuro tests on her? You would have to google them because I can't remember specifics but one was something like putting one hind leg behind the other and waiting to see if she corrects her stance so she's standing square... Might be something to look into. You can do the tests yourself without a vet.