Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cruising the Trails

P.S. came out and went for a trail ride with me this morning.  While we had the horses tied to the trailer and were tacking up, I noticed a snowbird hiding behind a bushy tree on his property spying on us.  He was looking right at me, and stepped behind the bush when he realized I spotted him.  I warned P.S. that we had an eavesdropper.

Then P.S. took Gabbrielle into the round pen to lunge her, and I spotted another snowbird up on the side of the bank looking down at us.  Now we were being watched from two sides.  I was hoping this wasn't a sign of things to come out on the trails, because I needed to get Bombay's confidence up after having all those hikers, horseback riders, loose dogs, and bicyclists taking him by the surprise over the past month.

I can understand that if someone visits here for the winter and comes from a place where they don't have horses, watching people work with horses would be a novelty, but I always get creeped out by people who watch me when I am in my backyard.  I don't think anything of it if I am riding in a public area, but I know I would feel self conscious walking up to someone's private backyard without an invitation and watching them there.  I guess not everyone has my sensibilities.

I tried mounting Bombay but he popped his head up, got antsy and kept moving away from me, because he spotted the man spying on us from behind the tree and he wanted to face him.  So, I pulled him away from the mounting block and got his feet moving this way and that to get his attention back onto me.  Then I was able to mount.

I set my helmet cam to take a picture every 60 seconds throughout the ride, and I got some fun shots.

Bombay is heading up one trail while our shadow is heading up another trail.

Here Gabbrielle was worried about what might be hiding in that ditch, so P.S. circled her and I gave it a shot with Bombay, totally expecting him to run down the hill, but he was very good and walked the whole way without hesitation.  When he wasn't eaten by the invisible Boogeyman, Gabbrielle followed.

Ears up!

The long, long, winding road.

Gabbrielle comes from an endurance line of horses, so she can really move out.  The only time we caught up with her was if she balked at something like passing between two telephone poles, or when P.S. circled her so we could catch up.

We saw four hares run from us along the trail and a few lizards, but that was about it.  No snakes, no humans.  When we got home, we had two more snowbirds watching us from their balcony.  That was one of the houses I was worried about when I first moved here, because their balcony faces my backyard and I figured I'd have no privacy, but these people don't live there year round.

I think both Rock and Lostine were jealous that they didn't get to go for a ride, because they were hovering by the gate when we were done riding, as if asking to be next.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I have been meaning to ask, is that an area where you have to stay on the trails or can you ride anywhere out there?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

BEC - This section I ride in most often is city land, and the signs say to use existing trails only. The thing is that the city creates the trails by driving a truck back and forth, so it's up to the horseback riders to maintain the smaller trails that go up and down arroyos. If no one uses them, they get overgrown and disappear. Also, as stuff starts growing on trails, people have no choice but to ride around it, creating new trails. I actually locate new trails and see old trails disappear with each season.