Sunday, February 23, 2014

Early Morn at the Barrels

BrownEyed Cowgirl made it out my way for a barrel race, so a few of us went out to the grandstands to cheer her on. My husband, blogger Cindy D., and her husband made it to the race, and Cut-N-Jump and her little girls came out later. Here are some of my favorite photos from the morning:

Here are a couple of pictures from BrownEyed Cowgirl's run:

I had been photographing the barrel racers all morning, and because it was so early, hardly anyone was in the stands, and this group of adults sat down right in front of me.  I looked around thinking, "Really?  You have all this space, you can choose to sit anywhere, and you sit right in front of a photographer?  Really?"

Seriously.  There were probably 6 empty rows of bleachers in front of me and more than that behind me with no one sitting on either side of me or anywhere near me, and these bleachers stretched out for the entire length of the arena.  And these people sat down on the bench directly in front of me blocking my view while I've got this camera with this huge telephoto lens held up to my face.  That's like being the only two cars on the freeway and having the other driver cut you off because he has to be in your lane.  WTF?

A lot of bizarre things like that have been happening to me lately, and when they do, I always look around to see if there is a hidden camera somewhere because I can't believe people would behave that way unless they were pulling a prank for some TV show.

Anyway, I got up and relocated, not being shy about letting them know that I exist.  Then right when BEC was getting lined up for her run, this family with a bunch of little kids came clamoring up the stairs right into the sights of my camera lens, and I had to leap to my feet to catch her run, blocking the sight of people behind me.  By then there were a few more people and a few less seats to choose from, so this intrusion was a little more forgivable.  It was just really poor timing.  But I managed to get the shots.

I thought the official event photographers were brilliant, because one of them put his banner right in the location where it would show up in the background of the pictures that everyone takes from the grandstands.  Neat trick.  That's probably a very wise marketing move in today's Internet age.  Every photo that gets posted online contains a free advertisement for the photographer.  I noticed them looking nervously at me and my camera, but they had nothing to worry about.  I wasn't planning on selling anything.  I just wanted to get in some practice shooting a high speed sport, and giving BEC some memories of the day.


lauraatkins said...

I'm looking through your shots and the only thing I can think is "HEY! barrels are going down and it's not BEC! AWESOME!"

I see on her run home, barrel 2 is still up.

Thanks for the shots, they're great!

Cindy D. said...

Wow your pictures turned out great! It was good to see you yesterday and to meet your husband.

Sam said...

I've been approached by photographers who have let me know this was "their" venue... I always have to laugh - first of all, I don't take the best photos and any photo I take is for me to do drawings from. LOL - the things that worry people.

P&M Arena also had a huge roping event and an equally huge barrel racing event all weekend. I never saw those advertised.