Friday, February 14, 2014

It Must Be a Holiday and a Full Moon

I knew I would have my hands full once I neutered the puppy.  Trying to keep him from jumping on furniture and licking his incision would be a full-time job.  I do crate him and I do have the cone of shame, but I also like to let him out of both of them so that he doesn't get too depressed.  I was looking for a space on my calendar where I knew I would be home for 5 days straight and wanted to schedule the surgery then, but that wasn't going to happen until March.  So, when they could get him in right away, I stupidly thought, "Oh yeah, it's a holiday weekend, which means my husband will be home for four days and he can help."

Well, you know how holiday weekends usually go for me.  All hell breaks loose and I almost always have some kind of emergency that requires a doctor, vet, or well repairman.  And I didn't realized this until just now:  It's a double holiday weekend, with one holiday on Friday and one on Monday, plus a full moon.  I should have known better.

Instead of giving the puppy surgery, I should have dug myself a bomb shelter and hid in there until my bad luck blows over.

Long story short, I woke up with a painful health problem, and then walked outside to find Rock certified lame.  There was no injury, no swelling, no heat.  He just couldn't put any weight on his left front.  A hoof abscess.  Argh!  Hoof abscesses are such a pain to treat.  I'm sure they are way more painful for the horse, but having to do all that bending over while working on a hoof isn't doing my back any favors.

I knew there would be zero chance of getting my vet or farrier out here, so I tried cutting away at the sole myself, but even my brand new hoof knife is dull as sin.  So, I just cleaned the hoof and gave Rock an epsom salt soak in a tub.  That worked for about three minutes until he tipped it over and spilled everything out.  It wasn't fun hiking back and forth to the house to get warm water in my condition.

Then I remembered the Davis hoof soaking boot I bought the last time Gabbrielle had an abscess, but refused to put her foot in a tub.  Apparently, I bought the boot in her size, because I couldn't get the whole thing over Rock's hoof, so he had to stand on his toe while soaking.

One would think I would have been wise enough to just purchase the largest size, but no.  My other frustration came from not being able to find all the medical supplies I needed.  Whenever a horse is injured or ill, I stock up on supplies for that particular problem so that I am ready and don't get caught with my pants down the next time it happens.

I remember buying a whole bag filled with vet wrap, and all I could find was one pink roll.  Then I discovered that my huge bottle of concentrated Betadine solution was low, which makes no sense to me, because it has been full for about 8 years and I have only used small diluted amounts.  I have no idea where the rest of the solution went.  I also just bought some fly spray, and that is almost empty, and I have only used it once, because we only had one bad fly day since I bought it.  All I can figure out is that there is something about the Arizona atmosphere what causes liquids to evaporate quickly.  Either that or some little elf has been sneaking into my horse trailer and using all of my supplies.  So, I get to go to the feed store today and stock up yet again, but this time I am keeping all liquids inside the house -- not the horse trailer.

In the meantime, I will be laying low and looking forward to Tuesday.

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achieve1dream said...

Abscesses are a pain! I was told that you don't necessarily have to treat them. They will heal either way. Obviously the soak helps soften it I would think, but if you are in too much pain I wouldn't kill yourself trying to treat it.

I keep all of my liquids inside too. Most products have a safe temperature range on the bottle I think so I keep them inside so they don't get too hot and lose effectiveness.