Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lostine Saves the Day

After Bombay's refusal to go through the gate to the trails because a bicyclist was pedaling around in the bushes, I went out to the barn and assessed the other horses.  I was determined to get one freakin' trail ride without problems.  My repairs to Rock's bridle are still in the experimental stages, and I'd prefer to test it out when someone else is around who can observe the effectiveness of my new design.  I'm just too heavy for Gabbrielle and I haven't ridden her in years.  I've sat on her, but we have no relationship with me in the saddle.  What I would get out of her was just too unpredictable.  Plus, P.S. has a system worked out with her and I don't want to ruin it.  So, it was up to Lostine to save the day, and I hadn't ridden her in a couple of months.

She was a good girl in that she didn't show any resistance.  She let me put the saddle right on and practically sucked the bit right into her mouth while bowing her head for the bridle.  She was a little jittery when I first mounted, but she seemed like she was more afraid of me than of anything around us.  If I inhaled too loudly, she'd flick her ears back and tense up as if expecting me to give her a verbal command.  So, I talked to her softly and petted her, and she realized that I wasn't on her back to give her any trouble.  She gave me a lovely ride and even trotted for me.

Because my rides on her are so few and far between, I really enjoy them.  She has a completely different build, gait, speed, and temperament from all the other horses.  She can still throw me curve balls, but she's  just as quick to respect me if I bat 'em right back at her.


Sam said...

I will bring you that other bridle this week - I will text first! :)

Cheryl Ann said...

She sounds like a real sweetheart, like Lucille! I have a 3 day weekend again this weekend and HOPEFULLY I won't be sick this weekend!
Cheryl Ann

fernvalley01 said...

I bet t he old gal enjoyed getting out!