Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Random Ruesday

We are thinking we are going to name the puppy Stewie after the baby in Family Guy, and we can call him Stewart or Stuart when he does something bad, like the character from MadTV.  "Look what I can do!"

The puppy has already managed to destroy his brand new harness by eating the plastic attachment.  The collar that was on him when we found him was already chewed to bits.  I searched the Internet and called around to pet stores for harnesses with metal attachments and couldn't find any.  They all use those plastic attachments.  I may have to design and sew my own hardness for him.  If anyone knows of a tiny dog harness that is plastic-free and does not have any jewels, studs or bows attached that a puppy can chew off, please send me the link to where I can get it.

I saw the most amazing thing today.  I was driving to the vet's office to drop off a fecal sample when I spotted a woman riding a horse through a gate.  She was leaning forward and off to one side, and I thought maybe she was watching her horse's feet to make sure they cleared the base of the gate.  However, it turned out that she was telling her dog to sit while she rode the horse through the gate, and then called it to come once they were through, and she had the dog on a leash!  I've never seen that before.  I thought how great it would be to have such a solid horse that you can train a dog on a leash from horseback.

I took Bombay for a walk and that same guy on some kind of electric scooter passed in front of us.  The scooter sounds like a buzzing bee and throws me for a loop each time I hear it.  Half the contraptions these snowbirds drive around here are not street legal.  I see them get pulled over by cops all the time.  I always crack up when I see old men in Bermuda shorts driving golf carts to the market.

I stopped by the road to let Bombay graze as cars passed, and I noticed that his face was getting too close to some sharp wire, so I pulled him away from it.  Good thing, because in the instant after I pulled him away from the wire, a man whizzed past on a bicycle and took Bombay by surprise.  He threw his head up, and had his head been right by that wire when it happened, he would have sliced his face.  Not that that would be anything new.  He's managed to slice up his face just on stuff around the barn and arena.  I recently went out with my needle nose pliers and tucked away all the protruding ends, but still that horse finds something to cut himself on.  He ripped the skin off the side of his lip a few days ago, and it has been swollen.  That's why I'm not riding him.  I don't want a bit rubbing on it and causing further irritation.

While we were walking up the trail, Bombay got silly and started wiping his nose on my back.  If you watch the TV show Impractical Jokers, you know that Joe is notorious for touching people on their shoulders or the tops of their heads with the tip of his nose just to see if he can get away with it.  These four guys do odd and socially inappropriate things just to watch how others react, kind of like Candid Camera.  Anyway, Bombay was just walking behind me with his nose touching my back, so I decided to suddenly come to a stop and catch him off guard.  He threw his head up, slammed on his brakes, and looked at me like, "What the heck was that all about?"

I continued to play tricks on him since he had been playing tricks on me most of the way, doing things like picking up sticks in his mouth and stabbing me with them.  So, I'd walk backwards into him and he'd have to walk backwards behind me.  I'd spin in a circle for no reason, do a figure 8, walk sideways, and jump at him.  He kept a close eye on me, determined to prove that he could keep up with whatever I threw at him.  Then he threw his head up and looked behind us.

That same old man on a bicycle who previously scared the hell out of Bombay a few months ago was riding up from behind us, but on a parallel trail.  Since BEC has a point about helping your horses ignore what is going on around them, I pulled him along and said, "Nothing to see here."  I continued my silly sudden movements, and the man passed us, then turned down a trail away from us.

Bombay kept trying to sneak up on me and poke me in the back with his nose, so I would suddenly start doing jumping jacks or do one of my fake trips and pretend to fall down.  Boy was I embarrassed when that same man on a bicycle had circled around and was coming up from behind us yet again.  This time Bombay only gave him a glance.  He was more interested in what I was going to do next.  Long story short, this man buzzed by us four times, all four times coming up from behind us, and with each pass Bombay did a better job of tuning him out.

My instinct was to ask the man to announce his presence while coming up from behind people and horses, but that wouldn't do anything to stop all the other people who don't know any better than to scare the crap out of us.  I can't control other people's trail manners.  So, though I enjoy just being able to walk and ride, instead I will be more vigilant about holding my horse's attention, and hopefully that will help them ignore other things that normally cause them to flip over backwards.

It was so chilly today that I wished I took my ear muffs with me on our walk.  I'm still shivering.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My husband stopped at a different pet store and brought home a couple of different harnesses to try. One has Velcro enclosures, while the other still has the plastic clasp, but it is placed directly behind the dog's neck where he would have to be the exorcist to turn his mouth all the way around and chew on it. The harness that the puppy broke placed the clasp on his side, where he could easily reach it.

strivingforsavvy said...

Try ruff wear.. I have a collar that has a metal closure. Maybe they carry harnesses too?

Sam said...

I'll keep my eye out if I see any others.

I took my first Golden years ago with me on horseback - with a long lead. She was well trained and the mare I had then (a little half Arab) was pretty much bomb proof. I only stopped when I realized that my dog was still susceptible to other loose dogs and it made it dangerous when there was an altercation with a leash, horse and now two dogs involved. Even dropping the leash didn't help. As much as I want my pups with, I'm not sure it is worth the risk.

fernvalley01 said...

good advice of BEC, and sounds like it works well with Bombay! What a clown he is

fernvalley01 said...

pup is adorable