Friday, March 28, 2014

New Avenues

P.S. came by to ride Gabbrielle, so I saddled up Rock and headed out with her.  We had no plans, but she was free for the whole afternoon.  Normally, she has to be back at work at a certain time, so we take a quick hour trail ride out and back.  As we were heading toward the gate to the busier road, she asked if we were going to cross.

"Do you want to?" I asked, watching trucks pulling trailers roaring past in front of us.

"Yeah, I think we should," she said.

I shrugged.  Gotta try it sometime, and it's not often that we have the whole afternoon to kill.  Previously, we had ridden across a slightly less busy road where traffic moves slower because of a school zone.  This road has heavier traffic going about 45 mph with lots of dips and hills, so it's hard for us to see if cars are coming, and hard for drivers to see horses crossing.

P.S. wanted to take Gabbrielle across first.  It's funny how the horses will go through one gate all year, and then when you ask them to go through an identical gate in a different location, they act horrified.  Gabbrielle jumped the gate.  Rock tripped over it.

I started to just motor on out across the street because I didn't hear any engines, and sure enough, someone with a quiet truck engine was almost on top of us.  Whoops.  I pulled back, and the driver ended up turning right before he got to us.  Gabbrielle kept her nose to the pavement inspecting the white and yellow lines as we crossed over them.  Rock was just looking around excitedly, hoping to see other horses.  He didn't care about the cars.  He just knew we were going some place new and he might see some hot mares out there.  I'm pretty sure he sensed other horses or hikers out there, but I never saw anyone.  The population explosion of recent weeks is tapering out.

 There were more cholla patches in this part of the desert.

We saw a lot of flowers and I tried to take pictures of them, but the helmet cam does not lend itself to good flower shots.
On the way back, crossing the street from the opposite direction, there was a fairly persistent amount of traffic.  We rode the horses right through the gate while we had momentum, but then had to stop on the shoulder of the road because of all the cars.  I know horses have the right of way, but with people driving that fast, I don't want to barge out and cause an accident.

There was a large bush blocking our view of traffic to the left, so I pushed Rock's nose out into the street to see around it.  Sure enough, a truck was coming, but this driver was going slow enough that I took my chances.  I didn't want to be stuck there all day.  He stopped for us and we thanked him.

It was fun exploring a different part of the desert.  I ordered some spurs, but since they can't get here that fast, I brought the riding crop along.  It came in handy when Rock decided that snacking took priority over traveling.

The tree in the picture above is one of many like this in my back yard, and it's pretty golden blossoms are the cause of all my headaches.  They say that this is the time of year when we should be hoping for heat, because that is what eases everyone's allergies.

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Cindy D. said...

I think the Palo Verde Blossoms are so pretty, but they di have me a little stuffed up as well. TC has head aches for a couple of days but refuses to believe that he might be allergic to something. Probably because his ex-wife and all his children are deathly allergic to everything. LOL

I have yet to have to go through one of those gates, but a part of me is anxious to see what the horses will do.